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Cure 6 - Venoms That Heal

Price : US$ 49.00

Cure 6 will unfold for you the World of Snake and Scorpion groups of remedies - a world that is deadly, yet fascinating...venomous, yet thrilling!

A complete work by itself, CURE 6 brings to you extensive study material on 19 snake remedies - common, rare as well as newly proved ones. It also presents a comprehensive study on all 3 Scorpion remedies. And that's not all... we have also included a Complete Materia Medica of all the Snake remedies as well a Special Repertory of these remedies! We can definitely promise you that Cure 6 will be nothing short of a breathtaking journey through the venomous world of Snakes and Scorpions!


Cure 6 - 'Venoms that Heal' is here to open-up the World of Snakes and Scorpions for you! Your journey through Cure 6 is assured to be a fascinating and educative experience that you would never want to miss for anything! Here's a brief summary of what all has been included in Cure 6 to make this a Complete Package for you!


Extensive study material on 19 snake remedies - common, rare as well as newly proved ones:

  1. Lachesis
  2. Crotalus horridus
  3. Crotalus cascavella
  4. Naja tripudians
  5. Elaps corallinus
  6. Bothrops lanceolatus
  7. Vipera berus
  8. Vipera redi/ aspis
  9. Cenchris contortrix
  10. Bungarus fasciatus
  11. Bungarus cereulus
  12. Toxicophis pugnax
  13. Hydrophis cyanocinctus
  14. Bitis arietans
  15. Bitis gabonica
  16. Oxyuranus microlepidotus
  17. Python regia
  18. Dendroaspis polylepsis
  19. Naja mosambica

As you can see from this list, even the latest proven remedies like Bitis arietans, Bitis gabonica and Naja mosambica have been included with the most updated information about them. All this has been brought together in one place for you to take benefit of - study all snake remedies together at once!

All the remedies have been presented in extremely attractive PowerPoint Presentations and pleasant HTML formats. Flowcharts have been included at various places to facilitate better understanding of the remedies. The individual details such as Physical and Mental symptoms been explained at length and to make the study more comprehensive, a study of the Group Symptoms has also been included.


An exciting feature that has been introduced is a Comparison of all the Snake Remedies in one screen - at one time; simply select the remedies that you want to compare and in one table you can read all their features side-by-side. You can also study the comparison of the Snake remedies with other drugs of the Materia Medica - this definitely ensures the completeness of your study!


For those who would like to know some more about these creatures, a general classification of animals and of snakes has been included with a whole lot of information of about their features such as anatomical details, behavior, reproduction, feeding habits, their enemies, venom, etc.

The Materia Medica section is complete with all the drug pictures of Snakes from various books - all brought together in one place for you to refer. Now, you can peacefully sit back and read any particular snake remedy from all the available books - at one time!

A complete delight for any Homeopath as well as student will be the Repertory of Snake remedies that has been included in this CD. You can select any particular Repertory and Chapter and view all the Rubrics of that chapter which contain Snake remedies. Even the latest additions of snake remedies to various rubrics have been included herein. This feature will definitely widen the horizons for Researchers, students and clinicians!


The Scorpions Section is sure to be equally thrilling for the one studying 'Venoms that Heal'. This section includes complete information on the deadly Scorpion - Androctonus as well as two other latest proved remedies - Buthus australis and Buthotus tamulus. Easy-to-understand presentations of these remedies will ensure that you grasp the subject easily, retain it in your memory for a long time as well as put it to fruitful use in practice.


We have also added a section on Multiple Choice Questions for both the sections (Snakes and Scorpions) so you can put yourself to test how much you have understood each of these remedies.


All in all... this CD is a must-have for every Homeopathic Student and Practitioner... without it, you are definitely missing something BIG!

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