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Cure 8 - Children & Homoeopathy

Price : US$ 60.00

Children in their own unique way communicate with us - understanding, interpretation and application of this information to treat them swiftly, safely and gently is an art.

"Children & Homoeopathy" will assist you in understanding and treating your pediatric cases with more confidence. It brings to you hitherto unexplored yet one of the most important aspects of Homoeopathy namely, Homoeopathic prescription in pediatric cases.

Cure 8 - Children & Homoeopathy
The CDs cover a wide range of topics like
  • Case taking in children
  • Understanding of evolution of kingdoms
  • Importance of first hand information in children
  • Introduction to concept of Subjective Homoeopathy
  • Energy patterns, Gestures and Doodles

All this is explained with the aid of cases of children. These cases also give us insights into remedies from Animal, Plant and Mineral kingdoms, plus some new proved remedies like Chocolate.

The set of 2 CDs brings to you a magnitude of information.
30+ cases with 1500+ attractive slides.

Cure 8 - Children & Homoeopathy

Live 90 minutes of Videos

Cure 8 - Children & Homoeopathy

The unparalleled information shared here will deepen your understanding of Homoeopathy and enhance your skill in clinical application of basic principles of homoeopathy in cases of children.

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