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Homoeopathic software

Patient Management
New Patient

Register new patients by entering Registration Information, Preliminary Information and Contact Details in 3 pages and complete your patient registration.

View Patient Card
You can print patient card and give it to your patients for further reference.
Patient card will have clinic logo, physician name, patient name, registration date, registration number, age, blood group, photo, etc.

History Form
You can send a history form to the patient directly from the Hompath software to your patient's desktop within seconds…
The patient can then fill the form and mail it to you.
Follow Up

Note the follow-up details of the patient and prescribe the exact similimum.
You can enter the complaints, remedy, prescription type, potency, dosage, repetition, and the number of days in the follow-up.
You can also add media, view remedy response details, remedy properties, remedy relationship, diagnosis, etc in the follow-up.

Note the changes in your patient’s reports before and after treatment, and make your practice evidence-based.

Thus, this ensures a totally paperless system where you can record everything from recording the patient details to entering follow-ups and prescribing a similimum with utmost ease.
Quick Case Record

Store patient information quickly. Record rubrics while taking patient history. Welcome to Quick Case Record. Jump start your practice.

Quick Case Record is a special feature introduced in this software. This feature stores comprehensive patient information from recording the case history, case analysis, repertorization to potency selection and follow up.

With this special feature, physician is provided with a unique way of recording a symptom in the form of a rubric by just selecting the appropriate symptoms / disease condition directly from the given list.

This feature can be efficiently used while the patient is narrating the history & is a very nice time saving application built for users of HOMPATH.

Once you have selected the symptom, it gets automatically recorded and repertorized. In this way, multiple symptoms from multiple categories/chapters can be selected in an instant and are automatically repertorized by the software.

Recording and maintaining patient’s history systematically in a format that explains every required detail about the patient is very important. It is vital aspect of the treatment & research work.
Classic Case Record helps to enter patient details in the conventional proforma, and spares you from tedious paper work. HOMPATH makes full case record available at a single click.

The Classic Case Record is divided into multiple headings & includes recording of the Chief Complaint, Associated Complaint, Mind, Physicals, Sleep & Dreams, Thermals, Menstrual History, Paediatric History, Fever, Past History and Family History.

In addition, physician can also record the examination findings as well as investigation reports in two distinct categories provided for you in the software.

Full Case Record enables you to view the entire case record in its whole at one glance and in addition, physician can print it for filing and referencing.

Thus, this feature enables you to quickly record the rubrics while taking the case, thereby saving lot of time …………!

Record rubrics in no time, without opening the chapter or repertory.
Quick Repertorisation, it the best tool which provides Repertorial Totality, Filters & Strategies. Use these innovations to narrow down on similimum.

Repertorisation is an essential step for finding the correct similimum for a patient after the case has been taken and analyzed. Recording of rubrics plays a vital role in the process of Repertorisation. You can now record rubrics in no time, without opening the chapter or the repertory. Hompath facilitates you with numerous ways of recording rubrics time-effectively.

Hompath provides you with an affable means of recording the rubrics and finding similimum through its user friendly pattern of repertorisation. Quick Repertorisation helps you save time in searching for the right rubric.

Type only initial few words of the rubric that you want to search in Quick Repertorisation and intuitively the software suggests a whole list of all the rubrics that are closely related to the rubric word searched.

Use the ‘Repertorial Totality’ option for faster repertorisation. Repertorial Totality helps in converting patient language to the desired rubric by providing various suggestive options for the word searched.
Select the most apt word and record it as the rubric.

For faster and better understanding, all the drugs are demonstrated with their respective drug source logos like animal, plant, nosode, sarcode, imponderabilia etc. in the repertorisation table.

Different colors for different drug marks make the screen pleasing to look at while helping you comprehend the weightage of a remedy quickly.

Drilling down to a similimum from a large group of remedies is now much simpler. Hompath provides you with various strategies and filters which when applied bring you to only a few remedies that would best suit the case. These include strategies and filters like Combine Repertorisation, Cross Repertorisation, Elimination Method, Weightage Repertorisation, Remedy Filters, Graph Filters, Expert Filters, etc.

Arrive at similimum quickly with the help of conveniently placed strategic filters and tools.

For e.g. Remedy Property Filter- one of the filters to narrow the group of remedies.

On selecting various criteria for filtering in the drug property filter as per the case as chronic, tubercular, only polycrest, right sided, hot, high sensitivity, thirsty and night.
We narrow down to only 6 remedies from which it can be very easy to find the similimum.

Many more filters are provided to further drill down towards the simillimum at the easiest.

For e.g. We now use the Mineral Filter depending on the patient’s symptoms and we select the element ‘Carbon’.

On applying this filter we narrow down to only two remedies which decreases our confusion and time to select the simillimum.

After applying strategic filters, the remedy for the given totality can be confirmed by just a simple RIGHT CLICK. Right click on the remedy abbreviation provides various options like View symptoms covered/not covered, Keynotes of the drug, Remedy properties, Remedy relationship, Clinical tips related to the drug, etc.

Confirm the remedy closest to the totality from Materia Medica book from the repertorisation table itself and thus assure the similimum.

Assure yourself of the ease with which this works. Experience it for yourself.
Remedy Information

A whopping number of 3177 remedies from Materia Medica, with all the details, accessible through various modules.
It is all that you will ever need.
Know the basic information about remedy & its source. Understand the basic concept of that remedy which can be applied comprehensively in Homoeopathic practice.

Remedy Properties has all the remedies classified according to their sources into 8 categories as Plants, Animals, Minerals, Sarcodes, Nosodes, Micro-organisms, Imponderabilia and Tautopathic and further classified as per their respective hierarchy.

View other details like full name, common name, chemical formula of all the remedies along with their miasmatic behavior, sides, stage & thermal affinities, Moon phases, Time phases, Sensitivity criteria completes the information required for the final prescription.

These remedy properties helps in better understanding of the remedy, from its details of miasmatic behavior, stages, sensitivity etc. all of these being available at one place.

The properties of Abrotanum are viewed under the headings of Common Name, Kingdom, Stages, Thermal State, Action, Appetite, Sensitivity, Time Phase, Gender and Hierarchy.

These properties help in understanding the remedy better and also differentiate them on the basis of these properties.
Remedy Relation

Plan the follow-up prescriptions and the treatment course? Remedy Relations will help you do just that.

Hompath now has an improved section of Remedy Relation with 803 remedies – maximum available in any software to choose from and includes all the possible remedy relationships available through various sources from homoeopathic literature.

This relationship is compiled of sections like Complementary, Follows well, Compare, Antidoted by, Antidotes, Similar, Followed well – all at one place and at one click for faster reference.

Remedy Relation of Aconitum Napellus are viewed showing the remedies which are complementary, those which follow well, those which can be antidoted by using Aconite and those which antidote it. It also gives the close coming remedies so the remedies can be compared and prescribed better.

This utility helps in second prescription, cyclical remedies, complementary remedies and inimical, if any.

Learn from past experiences. Use 5000+ cases that are systematically organized in Hompath - Acute, Advanced, One-sided as well as Obstinate cases - All in one screen.

Treated cases by Masters and Experts like Dr. Hahnemann, Dr. Kent, Dr. Boger, Dr. Clarke, Dr. Parinaz Humranwala, Dr. M. L. Sehgal, Dr. Rajan Sankaran, Jeremy Sherr, George Loukas, George Vithoulkas, Anne Schadde, Nancy Herrick, etc. are accessible through a simple click! You may just find the right case that helps you reach your goals. Don’t take our word for it. Try it.

Learn the ways of practicing of Homeopathic Stalwarts and Wizards. Their ways of analyzing a case, perceiving remedies in patients and prescribing methods for acute, chronic, one-sided, difficult or incurable diseases. Hompath provides you with a colossal anthology of more than 5000 treated cases made accessible to you by just a click.

The wide array of treated cases provided by various masters and experts are included in the software to boost your knowledge and understanding about their ways of prescribing.

Study the cases of your admired Stalwarts like our Master- Hahnemann, Kent, Boger, Clarke and many more through the list of cases provided under ‘Cases’ section of ‘Materia Medica module’ or from ‘Tresorie’ section present in ‘Library’ module.

Need another way to view all the cases? Use the Materia Medica module. Click on ‘View Cases’ button. You can select a particular case to view it.

You can also view cases for a remedial study from the remedy tools module by clicking on the desired remedy abbreviation. This can be used for learning a remedy, understanding patient management, research work or writing thesis.
You can study various cases of a particular drug and understand it from various parameters and through various clinical conditions.

Add your own cases to the collection of cases by using the ‘Add Case’ option. You can now create your personal database of cured cases and use it for future references and making presentations.
Each case can help you gain wisdom to cure many similar cases. Hompath makes this study easier for you.
Materia Medica

A highly potent database of 3177 remedies along with their properties, 1974 drugs with Materia Medica, 1575 Keynotes, 3187 Clinical Tips, 5000+ Cases.
Features that will delight. Search…Compare…View…Listen…and Experience!!! All in a single screen.

Hompath has myriad volumes of books on Materia Medica where the physician is a mere click away from reaching the interesting and unique aspects of various remedies. Click on Materia Medica Read and select the book of your choice…
Materia Medica Search feature helps us to think beyond conventional ideas to reach new horizons.
Since we started studying Homoeopathy, we all were aware of some specific remedies for specific conditions. For e.g. - When we think about ‘Love, Disappointment’ the 1st few remedies that come to our mind are Nat-m and Ign.

For many years the Homoeopathic physician was caught in his predictable mode of thinking with limited available information.

Would you have thought of remedies like Cactus, Iodum, Cimicifuga or Hyoscyamus for ‘Love, Disappointment’? Never! Now, with Materia Medica Search, you can access even the remedies that are not included in the Repertory!

Get all the knowledge available about ANY remedy by accessing the various options in the Remedy Information feature. This hallmark component ensures complete information about a REMEDY without wasting time and efforts. And physician can use the same time for helping more number of patients, thus generating more revenue.

Now view Pictures, Audio, Video and PPT for all remedies and add more on your own with the help of the unique Media feature. Hompath not only enhances your knowledge, but also acts as a storehouse for documenting the physician’s experience and understanding for future reference and sharing it globally.

View from 5000+ documented cases that will give you a deep insight into the intricacies of various modes of case taking, evaluation and analysis, right uptil remedy selection, posology and follow-up.
Hompath also provides you with the feature of ADDING cases for any remedy from your own practical experiences from your practice.
View provings of drugs conducted by provers from different parts of world and behold the exact expression of the remedy, its utility and sphere of action in the words of the prover.
You can also add drug provings observed and experienced by you for documentation in the software.

The Materia Medica Extract feature aids the physician in attaining the similimum by effectively converting the Repertory into Materia Medica.

Create an entire Materia Medica of a remedy and Compare remedies, as per your desire with the aid of the Materia Medica Extract feature. Now boost your knowledge of the known and unknown aspects of ANY remedy and prepare annotations for research papers and books with this most user-friendly feature!

For instance, to convert the Mind section of the Complete Repertory into Materia Medica for the remedies Arg-n, Nat-m and Nat-c, selecting the Mind Chapter of the Complete Repertory and the relevant remedies, the physician can then extract the symptoms belonging to only those remedies that have been selected. Click. Select. Witness…!

Now list all the occurrences of a group of remedies given in the repertories in the form of a Materia Medica book by availing of the Group Symptoms feature. Compare and Contrast your selected remedies and become doubly-sure of your prescription!

Reduce your searching time within the software by adding Remedies, Books, Authors and topics from the Library to the Favorites and Analysis features. Not only save your time and efforts, but also effectively categorise your reading and knowledge.

Say goodbye to sifting hastily through the pages of the Materia Medica and hours of analysis and welcome the newer and intuitive mode of ideal prescribing with HOMPATH!

If you get a concise summary from a vast knowledge bank, you will know exactly what you must read for better understanding. Keynotes help you do just that – very efficiently.
1575 keynotes help you browse through the relevant database and crystallize confirmatory symptoms which are important for your current case. Details are updated till 2011.
Basic study like comparing remedies can be done using ‘Compare Keynotes’, Reduces time, doesn’t it? Concise wisdom at your finger tips. Just click to access.

Hompath has the new improved section of Keynotes of 1575 remedies, including the most commonly used remedies like ‘Pulsatilla’, ‘Belladonna’, ‘Nux Vomica’ as well as the newly proved like ‘Chocolate’, ‘Yttrium Metallicum’ etc. Understand the remedy through sharp visuals. Refer to the confirmatory symptoms, nucleus of remedy, underlying Themes, Causations, Relationships, Clinical domain of the remedy.

Keynotes of Yttrium Metallicum.

Compare Keynotes

Differentiate between similar remedies. Compare keynotes of remedies arrive at a prescription.

Often you come across 2-3 similar remedies after repertorisation, and it is important to differentiate between those 2 remedies to arrive at a prescription. Normally you have to refer number of books to see the finer differentiating aspects of two similar remedies. If you have to refer from book, it is a tedious & time consuming task whereas compare feature is very much flexible.

Use a simple utility, Compare Keynotes and increase your efficiency.

Natrum Muriaticum and Ignatia Amara are closely related remedies. These are being compared using Compare Keynotes.

More remedies can be compared in a similar manner….

Refer the confirmatory symptoms of Natrum Muriaticum and Ignatia.

Use Keynotes as a Key to Your Success…

Multimedia - It is the simplest and the easiest way to record patient’s complaints and note the results of treatment. Information can be stored for a patient, patient's clinical condition as well as for remedies in Materia Medica.
You can access media files by various authors from different modules like Patient, Repertory and Materia Medica.

Patient Media

The media files in this module are those related to patient.

Store pictures, audio recordings of patient’s experiences, video recordings of patient before & after the treatment for reference, research as well as evidence based medicine for seminars.

You can now thus have proof of the action of selected remedy

Picture of a patient before treatment
  Picture of the patient during improvement with the treatment
Patient Media
Click to enlarge
  Patient Media
Click to enlarge
Video of a patient before the treatment

  Video of the patient after the treatment

Patient Media
Click to enlarge
  Patient Media
Click to enlarge

Repertory Media

Access media files related to various clinical conditions and understand them better.

Add media files of clinical conditions from your experiences for future references.

The picture showing a Large Wart. Such pictures help in better understanding of Clinical conditions. These pictures can be accessed from the media files and new ones can be added for future reference.

Materia Media

The media files in this module are those related to various remedies.

You can view these thousands of vibrant remedy pictures and access audios, videos and presentations. Add new files from your experiences to refer later on.

A picture of North African Scorpion. The remedy is Scorpio Marus. These pictures help in identifying the drug and understanding their Doctrine of Signature.   Media files are useful for future reference and from academic point of view…. Add power point presentations for the remedies.
Materia Medica Media
Click to enlarge
Materia Medica Media PPT Of Latrodectus Hasselti

You can do all these and much more………
Clinical Tips

At times when, your planned treatment doesn’t work, don’t you feel like you just need some insight, some help, some tip so that you can overcome the roadblock?

Clinical Tips, a new thoughtful feature which gives a time tested solution to give relief to the patient. 3187 clinical tips arranged systematically gives tips on various conditions from acute to chronic and ranging from simple aphonia to advanced cardiac valves insufficiency.

You will always know where to look. It’s a great help!

Clinical Tip for a simple condition like Aphonia has been given with its reference

Clinical Tip for a major condition like Cardiac Valve Insufficiency has also been given with its reference, so you have a wide range to refer to.

These clinical tips have been compiled from various literatures ranging from stalwarts to many contemporary authors.

There are Valuable clinical tips from:
  • Hahnemann
  • J.T. Kent
  • H. C. Allen
  • M. L. Tyler
  • Boericke
  • J. H. Clarke
And others like Cowperthwaite, Hughes, E. A. Farrington, Burnett, etc.

Clinical Tips from Indian authors like N. M. Chaudhry, Prabhakar Shetty, Balbir Singh etc have also been added.

For enhancing this utility, ADD your own tips which you have learnt in seminars or have read in a literature. You can add clinical tips for more than 3000 remedies and use it at the right time in a right way. If required, you can share it with fellow Homoeopaths.

While referring Allen I came across a nice tip about Rheumatism in remedy Abrotanum .

Added with description, potency and dosage, it’s ready to be shared.

The same can now be accessed from the list of conditions under Abrotanum. Many more clinical tips can be similarly added and accessed.

So, never hit a roadblock in your treatment, always be ready to reach next level of success.

When we say World’s largest database, we are serious. From the most recently published to the as old as 1860 - Books, Journals, Articles, Cases, Media are available at your disposal. These are more than 1000 volumes of published books and 2700 unique author references. Refer to the 5000+ cured cases at the click of a button!

Hompath’s Library is the largest collection of books, articles, cases, media, presentations and journals. You get a wide range of books classified as Materia Medica books, Journals of past 100 years - from oldest to latest, Philosophy, Therapeutics, Pharmacy, Clinical, Regional Therapeutics, Remedy pictures, etc.

Get a detailed representation and personification of various drugs by their provers and different other authors with Remedy Picture

Study directly from the source books. Follow what our masters advise for achieving ideal cure. Learn from the teachings and cured cases of the pioneers of Homeopathy like Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, Dr. J. T. Kent, Dr. William Boericke, Dr. Henry Clarke, Dr. Allen, Dr. Schussler and many more.

Apply the tips for quick prescription to a case to gain faster cure as suggested by our masters.
We have painstakingly worked towards giving you the works of contemporary authors like Dr. Sehgal, Jan Scholten, Dr. Nanda, Dr. Rajan Sankran, Dr. Parinaz Humranwala, Dr. Tarkas, etc. Use it.

1000+ books, 5000 articles from journals, 2700 unique author references, 5000+ cured cases! All these amounts to an unbelievable 10 million+ symptoms and lines of data!

Still wondering whether you will get enough books? Take a demo!!!
Allopathic Drug Data

The First Homeopathic Software to give you detailed description about large number of Allopathic Drugs. Understanding drug reactions is a lot easier. Now you can effortlessly associate the changes taking place in the patient’s condition to either the medicines prescribed by you or to the allopathic medicines taken by the patient simultaneously.

With the allopathic drug data, you can easily study their effects, side-effects, dose protocols and their mode of action. You can also study their generic names, common trade names or brand names available in the market by just a click.

Hompath provides detailed description about 537 Allopathic Drugs for immediate reference, action & planning of treatment in your Homoeopathic practice. This will help you to recognize side effects of the drugs that your patient is taking. Thus, it helps you differentiate common and uncommon symptoms; after all it is the characteristic symptoms of the patient which you need to consider and not the symptoms of the medicines. The dosage information provided, helps you modify the dosage of allopathic drugs when your patient is getting better with your homeopathic medicine!

Drug details are given with respect to their name, related group of drugs, mode of action, indications, contra-indications, adverse effects and interactions, route of administration, dosage and common brand names.

For e.g., we come across a large number of patients consuming pain killers. It is very important for a Homeopath to know which type of pain killer the patient has been taking. If the patient is consuming Ibuprofen since many years and presents symptoms like chronic dyspepsia or symptoms corresponding to acid-peptic disorder then the physician can keep in mind one of the cause as Ibuprofen and can see or any change by discontinuing the particular Ibuprofen.
Hompath provides you with all such vital information about a wide variety of drugs which may otherwise be missed to be thought of as the possible obstruction for a cure to occur. Also, details of dosage and route of administration are given.

Many a times a patient comes in with a condition that doesn’t show improvement or is not getting fully cured. And the cause could be an elementary one. At such a time, simple insights from information provided can work wonders. We have gone that extra mile to give that little extra information so that you can be successful with as many cases as possible.
Taper or withdraw doses wisely.
Expert Systems

Different schools of thoughts have different approaches to perceive a case and understand deeper aspects of patient management.
Take a different approach. Think afresh. Get a new perspective.

Understand any case through Temperaments, Predictive Method, Periodic Table Analysis, Sehgal’s Revolutionized Method, Kentain, Bogerian or Boenninghausen’s Methods.
Take an Expert’s advice.

Hompath WildFire brings to you 4 Expert Systems developed on understanding of 4 National & International Wizards to make it a truly global experience. The Tempraz Expert System by Dr. Parinaz Humranwala, The Acute Expert System by Dr. Prafull Vijayakar, Element Theory Expert System by Jan Scholten and The Seigal Expert System by Drs Sehgal Brothers.

The Expert Systems are built to help you develop a keen sense for homeopathic treatment.

Tempraz Expert System helps convert patient language or day to day language in to rubrics with ease.
Temperament is the “real self” and personality is the dress one puts on over oneself. Thus it is of more importance and Tempraz helps you literally calculate patient’s Temperament. Get deeper insights into 5 basic Temperaments.

Acute Expert System provides fool proof solutions in acute conditions.
Dr. Prafull Vijayakar’s Acute Expert System is especially designed to give us the confidence to treat even acute conditions with ease and confidence. All these created out of essence of 30 years of experience.
Element Theory Expert System eases your way to understanding the complexities of periodic table in relation to homeopathy.
Remedies like Hafnium or Krypton for example are not well known. Jan Scholten, through his work on elements and minerals tries to fill these white patches on the world map.

With Seigal Expert System, interpreting mind is now a matter of few minutes, while the patient is narrating the history!
Understand the deeper meanings of all rubrics.
Entire literature by Sehgal doctors included!

Along with these 4, HOMPATH has built in 3 strong expert systems based on Stalwarts’ philosophies – The Kent, The Boenninghausen and The Boger Expert Systems. Each of these Expert Systems represents different schools of thoughts backed with extensive clinical experiences by the homeopaths and their followers. These Expert Systems make Hompath, a software built with most innovative features, different approaches to homeopathy, exhaustive analytical database of remedies and symptoms.
Acute Expert System by Dr. Prafull Vijayakar

Treat acute cases confidently. Make success stories out of the Acute cases. The flow charts, Dr. Prafull Vijayakar’s books as well as the Materia Medica all come together intuitively to offer solutions for the acute cases. Tried and tested wisdom of over 30 years in treating acute conditions, is now available in a concise manner. Click your way through.

You may have come across difficult acute cases that demand immediate attention, treatment and relief. At such a point, more than the resources, we need the confidence in handling such cases. Dr. Prafull Vijayakar’s Acute Expert System is especially designed to give us the confidence to treat even acute conditions with ease and confidence.

Acute Prescriber is a feature created out of 30 years of homoeopathic practice & various experiences encountered by Dr. Prafull Vijayakar.

This method is extensively tried and tested & is based on the flow chart of acutes. This chart is most updated and latest, with new remedies. The software displays Activity & Levels which are defined by Dr. Prafull Vijayakar in his book ‘The Theory of Acutes.’

Based on this, the remedies are displayed on the right hand side. As you go on selecting the criteria according to patient’s presentation, the number of remedies in the list goes on decreasing according to selected criteria.

Once you click on any of the remedy from the list, it’s Materia Medica from the book ‘The Theory of Acutes’ will be displayed on the left hand side. A quick reference one liner & remedy relationships are also available. All this makes it easy to find the correct similimum.

Extensive literature by Dr. Prafull Vijayakar has been included in the software:
  1. The Theory of Acutes
  2. Genetic Materia Medica
  3. Homeopathy and Modern Science
  4. The End of Myasmtion of Miasms
  5. The Theory of Suppression
  6. Treasures of Prafull Vijayakar compiled by Gunter Lutz
  7. Verbatim

Now, Homeopathy is no more behind in management of acute conditions.
Tempraz Expert System
Understand patients through their temperaments and get closer to their real self. The Tempraz Expert System helps you calculate the patient's temperaments. Get deeper insights into 5 basic Temperaments. It allows you to arrive at the similimum from a different perspective.

Knowing temperament of patient means knowing his “real self” and hence, is the basis of the accurate homoeopathic prescription.
Homoeopathy considers that each human being is different and unique & this forms the intrinsic core i.e. our temperament which is very unique and cannot be changed.

Now, we can convert patient language or day to day language in to rubrics with ease. Tempraz Expert System, an outstanding technological solution by Dr. Parinaz Humranwala & Mind Technologies helps you practice with utmost ease taking into consideration the 5 basic temperaments, namely Sanguine, Melancholic, Choleric, Phlegmatic and Nervous.

Tempraz Evaluation helps you to zero in to the temperament of the patient, and find his similimum.
It forms the heart of the software and guides you to precise rubrics and helps you evaluate the temperament of the patient.
It’s fun and learn at the same time!

Most important and unique feature of Tempraz is ‘Temperament Quotient’ which helps you to determine the dominant temperament of the patient.
It is an intelligent calculation based on your grading and years of experience of the expert.
Now, the temperament filter can be applied to the repertorisation sheet based on this result.

Tempraz Materia Medica gives you a next level understanding of the drugs in the light of temperaments direct from the source books.
This ensures authenticity of the study and gives you an accurate remedy picture.

As the name suggests, ‘Temperament Insights’ gives us an insight into the Temperaments right from introduction to the ‘Temperament Town’.
This feature is ideally suited for beginners and also for the doctors who are aware about the temperaments to refresh their memory.

More approaches ……More clarity… More cures…………
Element Theory Expert System

Element Theory Expert System eases your way to understanding the complexities of Periodic Table in relation to Homeopathy. Explore the world of elements and minerals in prescribing effective remedies.
Element Theory Expert System will make it easy for you to understand the relation between the elements in the periodic table and homeopathy.
Explore. Understand. Practice, the Jan Scholten way.

Jan Scholten, through his work on elements and minerals has cleared the mystery around remedies like Lanthanides, Hafnium or Krypton and has endeavored to fill the white patches on the world map. It is the greatest contribution in the world of Homoeopathy.

Now Scholten’s entire work including his Repertory of Elements is brought together as Element Theory Expert System, for practical applications.

Analyze to which stage and series does the patient belong.

Select any of the keywords and its intensity for analysis & record them and you will see how the tool starts guiding you towards the most appropriate stage and series to the case. This is a unique feature and allows you to analyze the case ‘on the fly’.

We can also enter the case history as the patient narrates it in the free flow text box provided below the periodic table. The key words are extracted from it and recorded automatically.
We can study the entire element in detail including its Materia Medica, Cases, etc. from this screen.

The cases are explained in a detailed manner, of not only the element, but also their minerals.

The spiral symbolizes an expansion, the expansion of consciousness. Together with the expansion of consciousness we have an expansion of the overall picture. This consciousness slowly expands to include the family, the village, the county and eventually, in the Gold series, the country and the whole world and so on.

The study of periodic table in this manner is truly a unique experience. You will then understand evolution of life with respect to the periodic table in general and an element in particular.
Seigal Expert System

Interpreting mind is now a matter of few minutes, while the patient is narrating the history! A difficult task simplified. In the Seigal Expert System, we have also decoded the entire mind related rubrics, with meanings of each and every word with rubrics and cross references. This helps us to understand mind rubrics comprehensively.
Learn the art of deriving mental rubrics of the patient in a matter of few minutes.
Based on their clinical experience, Drs. Sehgal brothers have developed a methodology of performing this task.

This unique method, called ‘Seigal Expert System’ comes with 5 modules, namely Understanding of Man, Understanding of Repertory, ROH Books Library, ROH Books Search, Seigal Media Library.

It has been time tested and proved effective for many years with great clinical results. It allows you to record your own patient versions & has ready versions for your clinical reference. Versions guide you to develop better understanding of rubrics, patient & case taking in a simple way.

In addition, the ready versions added in the software has a special component called “Expert Advice” which describes one or few remedies, which are especially suited for the patient & are based on extensive clinical experience.

For example, if the patient says, ‘I don’t like to take allopathic medicines.’
On further inquiring, we come to know that it is because he thinks it may spoil his body. Then, the software may suggest rubric/s for this presentation like ‘Fear injured being’ or ‘Fear poisoned being’ and so on.

So, we see how easy it is to interpret patient’s language and convert in rubric form in just few minutes. 60 such patient versions are added in the software to guide you!
It also gives you the opportunity to study the entire repertory & develop better and precise understanding of repertory with respect to each word mentioned in it. Each & every word of mind related rubrics is given in software with its meaning, available, cross references & all the rubrics containing that word. This module is in multiple phases.

The software also provides vast reference data in form of the entire ROH Series books by Sehgal doctors, all at one place.

ROH Library Search is extremely useful when we are searching for particular words from the entire Seigal Library, because it performs global search.
It also has the feature of auto-word complete, which helps us to learn word spellings & save the effort of typing the entire word.

For example- Loquacity – We just have to type ‘Loq’ and the software automatically suggests us the words which we are trying to search.

Seigal Media Library is a practical & useful feature with more than 70 videos & power point presentations. The presentations are arranged according to rubrics, patient versions & remedies.
This is a treasure straight from expert’s console.

Get revolutionized with Seigal Expert System.
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