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It was in 1976, Dr.M.L.Sehgal ( Homoeopath from Delhi) wanted to utilise Mind rubrics from Kent repertory. After his brilliant work on understanding and applicability of mind rubric the value of mind rubrics became popular and now after 43 years many homoeopaths all over the world have started to practice 100% or partially on Mind rubrics only.

It was Dr.Sehgal’s wish that his idea should be spread by his Shishyas ( followers) as he developed the idea of using the mind rubrics. His idea is popularly known as Sehgal method in Homoeopathy. In the year 1983 he laid the foundation of Dr.Sehgal’s School of Revolutionized Homoeopathy.

There are many homoeopaths joined SSRH, and helping to spread his work all over the world.

Hompath which is one of the largest homoeopathic software making company founded by Dr.Jawahar Shah ( Mumbai) is also helping organising events like courses, seminars and cultural has started supporting spreading Sehgal method. The first big effort was to prepare SEHGAL EXPERT SYSTEM and then from the last 5 years organising exclusive seminar with Sehgal brothers ( Dr.Sanjay Sehgal and Dr.Yogesh Sehgal).

This time on 23rd -24th November in continuation with the previous seminar Hompath is organising a seminar with Dr.Yogesh Sehgal ( younger son of Dr.M.L.Sehgal) who has been practicing, teaching and author of many books on Sehgal Method very successfully.

Dr.Yogesh Sehgal has been associated with Dr.M.L.Sehgal from the year 1987, since then he had helped in organizing many seminars, later he started delivering lecture in India and abroad and authored many books and developed Sehgal expert system with the help of his elder brother (Dr.Sanjay Sehgal) and family members ( Dr.Preeti Seghal, Dr.Sidhant Sehgal, Dr.Shruti Sehgal and Dr.Vedant Sehgal) and many followers.

Dr.Yogesh Sehgal

  1. Clinical applicability of DELUSIONS ( Dr.M.L.Sehgal was the first who understood the exact practical value of DELUSIONS AND RUBRICS UNDER IT) and rubrics under it.
  2. For example:
    DELUSIONS; devoured had been by animals: (K) (1)
    Hyos.(K) (A.T.F.)
    DELUSIONS; floating in air :(K) (13)
    Many rubrics are going to be explained by Dr.Yogesh Sehgal
  3. He will also take up the most useful rubrics by Sehgal method on Animal kingdom from Snake, spider and mammals remedies.
  4. He will share his experience with 3C potency in the cases of Diabetic neuropathy, eczema in children and in acute cases with fever, cold , cough etc.
  5. All the cases ( paper and video) he is going to demonstrate will be shown with proper follow up.

Dr. Ajit Kulkarni
Dr.Yogesh Sehgal

Dr. Yogesh Sehgal is the younger son of Dr. M. L. Sehgal, the founder of Revolutionized Homeopathy or the Sehgal Method. He is an internationally well-known speaker, co-author of several books on Sehgal Method and handles a roaring homeopathic practice in New Delhi, India.

He is the author of the books- Feelings, Missing Links, Kingdom of Mind.

He has also put in his concentrated efforts and created the Perfect Repertory of Mind.

Dr. Yogesh Sehgal is a Homoeopath in Mayur Vihar Ph-II, Delhi and has an experience of 30 years in this field. Dr. Yogesh Sehgal practices at Dr. Sehgal's Revolutionized Homeopathy in Mayur Vihar Ph-II, Delhi. He completed DHMS (Diploma in Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery) from PUNJAB UNIVERSITY, CHANDIGARH in 1986.

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