Anacardium Orientale- A complete perspective

Common Name- Marking nut/ Semecarpus Anacardium

Thermals – Hot

Duration of action– 30 to 40 days

Family – Anacardiaceae, Plant kingdom

Appearance-it is dark in colour and typically its seed grow out of the fruit.




Some common properties of Anacardiaceae family is given below-




Anacardium is a remedy which has strong mental picture with extreme inner conflict, contradictory states and irresolution. This is very suitable for hysterical women, neurasthenics and people with various mental diseases if totality of symptoms matches.

Below using a very pragmatic and reliable software- Zomeo ultimate, the gist of Anacardium is shown below:




Gist of Anacardium


All symptoms of Anacardium are relieved temporarily by eating which is a marked characteristic symptom of Anacardium. There is constrictive sensation in inner parts. Symptoms are aggravated in open air.







Ailments from

Anacardium feels extreme mental exhaustion from examination pressure, over study or emotions but uses his mind for useless thoughts.





Mind of Anacardium is confused between good and evil. With strong feeling of two wills in one mind, where one commands him to do good while other commands opposite, Anacardium mind is filled with bizarre thoughts and fixed ideas. There is full storage of all sorts of delusions and hallucinations in his mind. He has fixed ideas and hears strange voices.








Another typical symptom of Anacardium is desire to curse or swear. He sometimes laugh at serious matters while keep silent on funny things.




Forgetfulness is very marked feature of Anac. Zomeo has numerous reference books and below is an excerpt from one of them.




Using the remedy extract feature of Zomeo Hompath software below is selection of mind rubrics with Anacardium as single remedy. There are 29 mind rubrics where Anac is sole remedy.








Anacardium is cruel, violent and vindictive. In below snapshot we can see only 4 remedies as in higher marks where cruelty is so extreme that person is capable of causing harm to others.





Eating relieves all symptoms but not permanently. There is plug like sensation or constrictive sensation in many parts. Symptoms have tendency to appear periodically. A Strong empty stomach sensation during digestion will be relieved by eating for short period of time.






Clinical uses- Anacardium have potential uses for mania, hysteria, paranoia, eczema, warts etc. It is antidote to Rhus Tox and hence is also beneficial in Rhus tox poisoning.




Below is also a representation from book of material medica and therapeutics written by AW Cowperthwaite from Zomeo software-




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