Fear and Phobias in Homeopathy Repertory


Fear and Phobias are defined as any unpleasant emotion or thought that occur when one is frightened or worried in any dangerous circumstances. The fear may arise due to trauma or bad experiences. It is a vital response of our body to protect against impending threat. It keeps us alert…

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Difference between Tarentula Hispanica & Tarentula Cubensis

Spiders form the largest and most widely distributed order of class of animals called Arachnida. Spiders particularly belong to the subclass Aranidae. There are almost 10-12 spider remedies used in homeopathy, out of which 2 of them are very common and need to be differentiated: Tarentula Hispanica & Tarentula Cubensis.…

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Materia Medica in Zomeo Homeopathic Software

Homeopathic Materia Medica is a guide to homeopathic medicines which describes all the ingredients present in a remedy along with the symptoms. There are over 3000 remedies in homeopathy. How well can you remember the entire data especially when the time comes for prescribing the medicine while the patient is…

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