Top 12 Mind Symptoms of Causticum that you need to Know

Causticum is a great Polychrest remedy of homeopathic materia medica. It is quite complicated to produce. Causticum is made from Slake Lime or calcium sulphate and potassium hydroxide. It is in the marble state and it is insoluble in water. This article highlights the few best Mind Symptoms of Causticum.

Mind Symptoms of Causticum

Common Name: Tinctura Acris Sine Kali, Potassium Hydrate.

Miasm: Psoric, Sycotic, Tubercular, Syphilitic.

Thermal State: Chilly, Thirst, Thirsty, Thirst less.

Mind Symptoms of Causticum

Causticum is also offered as a remedy for mental symptoms such as mental fatigue, prolonged grief, and sensitivity to authority. You may also read our article on Grief & Sorrow where Causticum is mentioned.

Below are a few characteristics Mind symptoms of Causticum.

  1. Melancholy mood, sad, hopeless from CARE, GRIEF, SORROW.
  2. Weepy, the least thing makes the child cry.
  3. Intensely SYMPATHETIC, great sympathy for the sufferings of others.
  4. Children slow in learning to walk. Unsteady walking and easy falling of little children.
  5. Insanity after suppressed skin eruptions.
  6. Anxious forebodings (felt in head) < twilight. Fear that something bad will happen. Fears dark, dogs or other animals, ghosts.
  7. CANNOT STAND INJUSTICE, sensitive to authority, ANARCHIST, opposition or idealistic fight for a better world. REBELLIOUS even to the point of violent political extremism.
  8. Suspicious, mistrustful absentminded, looks on the dark side. Lacks control of balance. Compulsive neurosis checks and rechecks for dangerous mental lapses.
  9. Serious, intense, idealistic and sensitive.
  10. Stammering, especially when excited.
  11. Hurriedness eats fast, rushes in tasks.
  12. History of sexual abuse or violence in the family.

Homeopathy Software tools offer different ways to extract and understand the symptoms of remedies. In ZOMEO HOMEOPATHY SOFTWARE you can use Search Symptoms and Remedy Extract features to find out the Mind Symptoms of Causticum. Below screen extract from Zomeo shows the PQRS Mind symptoms of Causticum remedy.

Mind Symptoms of Causticum


You can find around 25 PQRS remedy rubrics of Causticum in the Mind chapter of Kent repertory. Studying these rubrics will help you to understand the characteristic Mind symptoms of Causticum and these will be useful for the finer differentiation of the remedy.

Keynotes and Confirmatory Symptoms of Causticum

Below are some of the keynote symptoms and confirmatory symptoms of Causticum,

  • < Clear fine weather > damp wet weather.
  • The rawness, soreness, and burning are features of Causticum.
  • Children slow in learning to walk.
  • Constipation, stool passes only when standing.
  • Great sympathy for the sufferings of others.

Mind Symptoms of Causticum

Clinical tips of Causticum

Clinical tips are the quick pointers to prescribe the remedy for different clinical conditions. Let us study the clinical tip of the remedy Causticum from different stalwarts.

  • Dr. Foubister: It is a routine remedy for retention of urine after the operation.
  • Dr. E. A. Farrington: In nursing women, when overexertion or loss of sleep threatens their supply of milk, use Causticum
  • Dr. Burnett: In menstrual colic, Causticum will cure after the failure of Colocynth
  • Dr. T. K. Moore: If I could have one remedy for the prostate, it would be Causticum
  • Dr. Gordon Ross: This drug has the mental confusion associated with a cerebral incident in the circle of Willis.

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