Mind Symptoms of NAJA with the best references in books.

Naja is prepared from the poison of the deadly Cobra of India. Cobra poison has always found an important place in the therapeutics of ancient India. This article points some of the Mind Symptoms of NAJA and the references of this remedy in reference books.

Some of the most remembered symptoms constituting the essence of this remedy are Constriction and pressure of the throat, a sensation of choking, spasmodic stricture of the esophagus, dyspnoea, fluttering of the heart, stitching pain in the region of the heart.

Mind Symptoms of Naja

Peculiar Mind Symptoms of NAJA:
  1. Delusion that he is being injured by his surroundings.
  2. Left-Sided complaints.
  3. Broods constantly over imaginary troubles and makes himself wretched.
  4. Suicidal, brooding, insanity.
  5. Depressed with distress about sexual organs, better in the evening.
  6. Dreads to be left alone.
  7. Fear of rain.
  8. Feels as if everything was done wrong and could not be rectified.

Let us explore a few more Mind Symptoms of NAJA where Naja is the single remedy given in the Complete Repertory.



Sphere of Action on the Heart:

Naja has a major sphere of action on the heart. Let us understand the action of Naja on the heart.

  • Chronic hypertrophy and valvular lesions of the heart.
  • Pain in the left ovary during cough with palpitation.
  • Simple hypertrophy of the heart.

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NAJA in homeopathy materia medica books

Information on Mind Symptoms of Naja is available in many homeopathy materia medica books. Some of the references from Allen T. F, S.R. Phatak, and Hering C on Mind symptoms are as below.

Encyclopedia of Pure Materia Medica, Vol. 6 By Allen T. F.

Emotional. Temper good; very excitable and playful, oftener than common (fifth day). Is affected easily by a very little wine or alcoholic drink during the week (after three days). His mind wandered, but at last, he got better, and was able to go out again; a short time after, having an axe in his hand, going, as he said, to cut wood, he suddenly split his own head in two; he had become insane.

Concise Materia Medica Of Hom. Remedies By S.R. Phatak

Broods constantly over imaginary troubles; and makes himself wretched. Suicidal; brooding, insanity. Depressed, with distress about sexual organs; better in the evening. Aversion to talking. Dreads to be left alone. Fear of rain. As if everything were done wrong and could not be rectified.

The Guiding Symptoms Of Our Materia Medica (all 10 Vols.) By Hering C.

Easily excited.

Great depression of spirits with temporo-frontal headache, spinal pain, and palpitation of the heart.

Melancholy; began to form images of possible wrongs and misfortunes over which the mind broods; very wretched at times.

Suicidal insanity broods constantly over imaginary troubles; sleep full of frightful dreams, and wakes with dull pain in head and fluttering of heart; uneasy dryness of fauces; grasping of the throat, with the sensation of choking and lividity of face. Melancholia.

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