Remedy Extract Feature: Find The Lesser-Known Symptoms of Common Remedies

Polycrest remedies are usually the whole and soul of a Homeopathic Clinical Practice. Our prescriptions are based on the totality of the symptoms and when we repertorize the clinical symptoms, physical particulars and especially the mental ones, the polycrests are the first in line on the Repertorization sheets. Be it the Calcareas, or the Kalis, Natrums, or Arsenic, Causticum, Lycopodium or Sulphur. Because these remedies are very well proven and often cover all the systems by and large. Hompath Zomeo, with its Remedy Extract Feature, presents us with the most unique and peculiar symptoms, and even single-remedy rubrics.

But did you know there are always lesser-known symptoms of even the biggest polycrests which remain undiscovered and unexplored in our mundane practices? How do find these typical, uncommon, and yet striking symptoms?

Often knows as “Reverse Materia Medica”, Remedy Extract Feature allows us to study remedy in its entirety. Let us say for example: Cocculus is a very important remedy for vertigo. We all prescribe Cocculus for travel sickness, or riding etc. But when we study Cocculus in detail we learn that there is a lesser-known symptom, facial paralysis.

Remedy Extract Feature

Boericke Materia Media mentions Cocculus in Paralysis of facial nerve. Cramp-like pain in masseter muscle; WORSE, OPENING MOUTH. Prosopalgia in afternoon, with wide radiations of pain.

When we see the mind, we see there is a lot of anxiety, anxiety of health about others. Then it should be surprising to see Cocculus in the Remedy Extract Feature, that it also has a rubric, Heedless, careless, health about. So, here Cocculus is heedless and careless about her own health, but you will see there is extreme care, concern and anxiety about her relatives and not her own.

Remedy Extract - Full Symptom

Let us take another remedy, say Thyroidinum, a common remedy we use to treat thyroid disorders in our patients. You will find this remedy has common rubrics like obesity, palpitations, anxiety, goiter, irregular menses, and many others common rubrics. But Thyroidinum also has a lesser-know symptom, Psoriasis, with adiposity and can be used for psoriasis in our Homeopathic Clinical practice.

All Rubrics

Did you know, Thyroidinum is an excellent remedy for Undescended testes in children as mentioned in Boericke? You will find this rubric using the Remedy Extract Feature in Hompath Zomeo, as seen here.

Remedy Extract Feature

Aloe is another of our frequently used remedies in Homeopathy clinical practice for haemorrhoids, loose motions, or even constipation. It is used in old people who are overly intoxicated. Using Hompath Zomeo’s Remedy Extract Feature, we can see that Aloe is also a great remedy for enlarged prostate and prostatitis.

Zomeo Homeopathic Software

Another lesser-known symptom that we may miss in Aloe is Compulsive Disorder. It can be indicated to people with compulsive disorders with cycles of fixation. Fixation is defined as the action or process of fixing or being fixed to something or someone perhaps. So, when you see a patient who talks about his compulsions about doing a particular activity in our Homeopathic clinical practice, Aloe shouldn’t be missed.

Single Remedy

Reverse Materia Medica or Remedy Extract helps in learning common remedies and their lesser-known symptoms too.

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