Understanding Rubric with Zomeo Homeopathy Software

Understanding Rubric

Kids are a Homeopaths favorite patients and almost half of a Homeopaths practice ascribe to our little pediatric guests. They are simple and easier to understand as compared to adults, their body language is unguarded and uninhibited and even if they are sad, angry, or irritable they take less effort to hide them and are displayed easily. You will find most kids in your clinic as playful, and we seldom consider them important to be taken as rubrics, because we tend to think that is common and natural for children to playful. Let us today, through this blog, differentiate between these similar rubric.

In Hompath Zomeo Ultimate, you will find these rubrics in Complete, and Kent repertory and even in the psychological themes.

  • Playful: Full of play, happy and cheerful. A playful person is very friendly and occupies oneself with activity. Playfulness is an attitude. Here no partner or object is needed. Playfulness is an observatory rubric that a doctor can observe in his clinic or with the people around him tells it to you. For example, a parent gets their child to clinic for fever 101 degree Celsius. But you observe that, the child is still at ease with himself. He is probably playing with a toy he has, or his mother’s clothes, or perhaps a pen or paperweight in your clinic. Even when sick, the child’s internal attribute is that he is playful.

Our Zomeo Ultimate describes playful as full of good spirit and fun. This is what is to be seen when you see a playful patient.

  • Playful can also be considered in adult patients, who tell you that despite being sick, they like to play some games by themselves, usually on phone, etc.
  • Playing is very important for them, it gives them joy.

Rubric Playful

  • Playing: Desire to play: Here it is an attribute, but a desire or wish. Here action may or may not be there. Here, a person who desires to play needs a partner, a toy, or something to play with.
  • Playfulness is a state of being, but Playful: Desires to play, playful is state of being with
  • Patient’s mother usually tells you, that the child always want to play with someone, he will always ask me to sit with him, play with him. Even if you are gone for some time, he needs you to back to play with him. Here there is desire, for someone to play with.
Cross-references for this rubric in Hompath Zomeo Ultimate are:
    • Mind, Amusement: Desire for
    • Cheerfulness & Mind
    • Excitement, excitable
    • Jovial & Mind
    • Mind, Occupation, diversion

Remedies that come up in this rubric are:

Repertory Desire to play

Antics playing: Meaning of Antics in Hompath’s Zomeo Ultimate is seen here:

Repertory Antics

  • Antics are funny, unusual ways of behaving. It may be funny or foolish. Here the person tries to attract others in his surrounding through his acts or plays. His actions are meant to grab attention. Whenever you see such kids, you feel amused, you don’t feel angry or irritated.
  • We have often seen in our clinics, kids using funny sounds, and silly actions while laughing all the way by themselves. He can see others are having fun too watching him, which gives him all the more motivation to continue his act.
Look at the remedies that come up in Hompath Zomeo Ultimate

Repertory Antics

Differentiating rubric is a skill we all must learn as Homeopaths. We are often tempted to select the ones that seem convenient and suitable to us. With Hompath Zomeo Ultimate, you will be able to differentiate rubrics quickly. Its Word Meaning Module helps find meanings in a second, and can also be seen cross-references immediately as you click on the rubric. It is a unique, intelligent, and smart software that eases your work rapidly.

Get faster repertorization, faster remedy finding, and faster results, which will give you the credibility of seeing more patients as you save time.

Begin your journey with Hompath Zomeo now and see the difference in your practice.

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