Utility of Mother Tinctures: A Boon for Homeopathy Clinical Practice

Mother Tinctures

Before Dr. Hahnemann delved into the world of the potentization of medicines he had been using and experimenting with mother tinctures. Mother Tinctures were always a core aspect of homeopathic practice. Although the invention of dynamization was a boon to homeopathy for the treatment of miasmatic diseases; mother tinctures were a part of Homeopathic clinical practice, for centuries for many acute and certain pathological conditions.

Mother tinctures are fast to act, palliate almost immediately when needed, and can help in ‘weaning off’ any stronger conventional medicine. For example, if a patient with severe dry cough with hemoptysis is not responding to conventional medicines, Acalypha Indica can be used in the form of a mother tincture with better results.

Mother tinctures can be used internally as well as externally. Many surgeons and physicians and even dentists advise calendula to treat wounds, bruises, and surgical incisions.

Following are some conditions, where mother tinctures are used in Homeopathy clinical practice:

  • Weight Loss: Fucus Vesiculosus and Phytolacca Berry are widely used for weight loss with successful results in clinical practice.
  • High Blood Pressure: Raulfia is an excellent medicine for high blood pressure and there are countless patients who rely on this as compared to other conventional anti-hypertensive medicines. Lycopus is another mother tincture that gives excellent results for high blood pressure.
  • Diabetes Mellitus: Along with dietary and lifestyle changes, Syzygium is one of the widely used mother tinctures in Homeopathic clinical practice. It gives assured results in decreasing blood sugar levels.
  • Acne: Amazing results are seen with Berberis Aquifolium & Eugenia in clearing up the acne.

Mother tinctures like Condurango are used for cancers, Lemna minor for nasal polyps, and so on. Homeopathy is a treasure for all types of conditions, acute and chronic, be it in form of potentized medicines or mother tinctures.

Mother tincture side effects are usually rare. Their prescribed therapeutic doses are usually optimum and safe. However, since their active ingredients include glycolides, alkaloids, plant enzymes, and such phytochemicals, some mother tincture side effects may occur, in cases when they are used in large doses. Although they may not provide a permanent solution without constitutional medicine, mother tinctures are still an integral part of our clinical practice.

Considering this rising importance of the use of mother tinctures, Zomeo Hompath has included this exclusive topic of ‘Mother Tinctures’ in its “Utility” section. This feature is divided into “Internal” and “External”.


Utility Mother Tinctures

Instead of listing the mother tinctures directly, all the clinical conditions are listed alphabetically instead. This helps the physician to immediately jump to the specific condition against which a specific mother tincture is mentioned. For example, in untreatable cases of cancer epithelioma, when the patient comes with great hope, all you can think of is to at least palliate him for a while. You can easily, go to ‘Utility’ select ‘mother tinctures’, and jump to ‘cancer, epithelioma’ where you will find that Condurango can be used as a mother tincture.



There are a number of clinical conditions listed in mother tinctures that you may encounter day-to-day in your Homeopathic clinical practice.

Not just that, even the prescribed doses are mentioned in some cases as seen here.



Even under External application, you will find conditions like eczema, hair tonics, ulcers, lice, ringworm, etc. where you can confidently dispense mother tinctures for external applications.

Mother Tinctures

Using mother tinctures has always been a matter of choice among physicians, but the results that they generate have been indisputable in many cases. Mother tinctures can always be a physician’s friend, and come in handy when you are stuck in some difficult cases. There is a live session on, “Utility of mother tinctures” by Dr. Praveen Kumar to address the role of homeopathy in critical conditions by use of Mother tinctures.

Use the Zomeo Hompath to find out how wonderfully ‘Mother tinctures’ is represented, and use this feature to add to your knowledge and enhance your Homeopathic clinical practice. Not only this but a whole lot of other features that are just as exclusive and powerful for a successful homeopathic practice.

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