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What is the smartest way to perceive the 100s of mind rubrics in various repertories? The Human Mind is an unsolved puzzle, converting patient language into rubrics a herculean task! Even if you know the meaning of a rubric but when and which cases to use them? There are numerous cross references for a single rubric. How to understand and interpret the rubrics of mind and arrive at the similimum in a case for best result? What one should learn from the successful people is as they say – ‘Work Smart’.

To help you achieve this Enlightenment Education will be hosting a Live Webinar on ‘Understanding the Rubrics of Mind, Delusions and Dreams’ by well renowned Homeopathic practitioner and Teacher Dr. Farokh Master – A versatile author of 60 books shares his wisdom through an interesting webinar. He is a dynamic teacher with experience of seeing more than 200000 patients of 38 years of practice and more than 20000 hours of homoeopathic teaching.

There is no need to emphasize the importance of mind symptoms when treating a case. Mind symptoms are categorized into: emotional, intellectual and subconscious. They must be Peculiar, Queer, Rare and Strange (PQRS) to be included in analysis of the case.  Usually many homeopathic physicians fail to understand the correct meaning of the rubric and thus can’t approach the similimum.

You cannot interpret the rubrics only by their dictionary meaning. The key to grasp the correct rubric is to convert the patient’s language into rubric language. This is the highlight of the online webinar.

The topics covered by in this webinar would be:

  1. Perceiving the Human Mind
  2. Converting Mind Symptoms and Emotions to rubric language.
  3. Deciphering the Mind rubrics.
  4. Understanding Delusions.
  5. Understanding Dreams.
  6. Examples to understand rubrics better.
  7. Related Cases by Dr. Farokh Master.

There is no one single rubric for the state of sadness in the repertory. The rubrics: loathing life, morose, despair, discontented, weary of life, weeping denotes the concept of sadness. If you catch the right rubrics of the mind, you will catch the similimum. You must understand the real meaning behind a rubric, its cross-references and applied in which disease conditions.

Dreams are the innermost reflection of mind and its suffering. It is an important tool for self discovery and its interpretation in homeopathy help to understand the core of the patient. Dr. Farokh Master, the master of Homeopathy will make it simple with an interesting Webinar which will be beneficial in understanding dreams and the subconscious of the patient.

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