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About the Webinar

Argon, a journey into the evolution of the third dimension.

The name argon means not (an) working (ergon), or ‘inactive’, as it is an inert gas and does not react with other elements. As the name suggests, these individuals ‘let their relationships rest’. They are ‘Not bound by relationships’.

feel happy and carefree.They show Denial of work and duty.

Argon is a newly proved remedy by Dr. Jeremy Sherr. So, let us understand this rare remedy from the master himself.

We all have very unique mental qualities that are characteristic to us and give us our strengths or become our weaknesses.

These mental strengths or weaknesses make up the individual that is so whole and unique. In Homeopathy, these bear a lot of importance as they make up the constitution of an individual.

Dr. Jeremy Sherr has compiled an amazing repertory of Mental Qualities called ‘ Q Rep’ that forms an essential part of Homeopathy. He will be using this repertory to solve cases in this webinar

In this Webinar, you will learn

  • Materia medica of Newly proved Argon Remedy
  • Mental Qualities that make a person
  • Their implications in Homeopathy
  • A brief introduction to the Q repertory
  • A case solved using Q Repertory
About the Speaker
Jeremy Sherr

Jeremy has taught in most of the British schools of homeopathy and began the Dynamis School in 1986. His school is the longest running post-graduate homeopathy course in the world. He has taught the Dynamis curriculum in England, Ireland, Holland, Switzerland, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Israel, Canada, and throughout the United States. Jeremy has also taught in Spain, Italy, Germany, Bulgaria, China, Russia, India, Japan, South Africa, and Australia. He maintains busy practices in London, Tel Aviv, and New York.

He was awarded a fellowship from the Society of Homoeopaths in 1991 and a Ph.D. from MedicinaAlternativa. He was also awarded an honorary Ph.d from Pioneer university and an associate Professor at university Candegabe for Homoeoapthy, Argentina.

He is the author of numerous homeopathy textbooks and journal articles. He is also the Author of Q-Rep, the repertory of Mental Qualities.

During the last 18 months Jeremy has been working in Tanzania on his project ‘Homeopathy for Health in Africa’ treating AIDS patients and researching the genus epidemicus.

Webinar - Schedule

Thursday 21st June 2018, 08:30 PM IST(GMT +5:30)

Requirements to attend
Webinar will be an online session, so you will need to have following infrastructure with you
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  • Should have latest Chrome & Firefox browsers.
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About the Books

Argon is the third book in Jeremy Sherr’s Noble Gas series. Building on the understanding gained in the first two books, Jeremy continues to develop the themes of this perfect family of remedies.

Every row in the periodic table strives to be like its related noble gas; therefore it is Jeremy’s belief that by understanding each of the noble gases we gain profound insight into the preceding series and the whole periodic table, and hence this book also illuminates Argon’s related series of remedies, from Natrum to Chlorum.

The noble gases are remarkable remedies, as their perfection also illuminates their opposing imperfection. By deep study of these remedies we perceive the vertical line that runs through all of them: the line of Here, Now and Truth connecting heaven and earth.

Proving a remedy does not provide a MateriaMedica. A proving is only an initial suggestion for the genus of a remedy. By weaving a web of understanding between the proving symptoms and their deeper meaning, Jeremy not only teaches the secrets of Argon and its related period, but also the science and art of transforming remedies and cases into a meaningful totality, which is the essence of good homoeopathy. Delve into this book and you will gain a deeper understanding of Argon, the third period, MateriaMedica, Cases, the evolution of the soul, and a small corner of the universe.

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