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Feature Name

Pages of Information197000 100000
Number of Symptoms (repertory + library)10 Million # 5 Million #
Number of Authors2700 2500
Repertories37* 30
Expert repertories20 16
Volumes of Data1000 600
Articles5000 3000
Total Remedies3100 3100
Allopathic drug data537 537
Scientific information of remedies644 644
Cured Cases5000 3148
Clinical Tips3187 3187
Expert Systems7 3
Keynote description of remedies1575 1575
Remedy relationships800 800
New Remedy images2000 2000
Patient instructions615 615
Diet and nutrition tips72 72

New Repertories  
Complete Repertory 2011 by Roger van Zandvoort X
Classic Complete Repertory 2011 by Roger van ZandvoortX 
Homeopathic Clinical Repertory by Robin Murphy 
Repertory of elements by Jan Scholten√* X

Other Repertories  
Repertory to the symptoms of Intermittent fever by Allen, W.A X
Index to Materia Medica by Allen 
Boericke's repertory by Boericke, G.W. 
Theraupeutic Pocket Book by Boenninghausen 
Boenninghausen's Characteristics & Repertory by Boger, C.M. 
Synoptic Key by Boger, C.M. 
Clinical Repertory by Clarke, J. H. 
Concordance Repertory of Materia Medica (6 Vols.) by Gentry, W.D. X
Repertory of Homoeopathic Materia Medica by Kent, J.T. 
Repertory of Hering's Guiding symptoms of our Materia Medica by Knerr, C. B. 
Repertory to the more Characteristic    Symptoms by Lippe, C. 
Concise Repertory of Homoeopathy by Phatak, S.R. 
Sensations as if. by Roberts, H.A. 
Unabridged Dictionary of Sensations (Vol. 2 ) by Ward, J.W. 

Expert Repertories  
Bach flower by Dr. Jawahar J. Shah 
Bio-chemic by Dr. R. D. Jain 
Asthma by Dr. Jawahar J. Shah 
Obesity by Dr. Jawahar J. Shah 
Eyes by Dr. A. B Norton 
Nails by Dr. Jawahar J. Shah 
Diarrhoea by Dr. James Bell 
Vaccination by Dr. Geeta Punjabi 
Suppressions by Dr. Geeta Punjabi 
Dentition by Dr. Geeta Punjabi 
Pneumonia by Dr. D. M. Borland 
Piles by Dr. W. J. Guernsey 
Aids Repertory by Dr. Ajit Kulkarni X
Thyroid Repertory by Dr. Ajit Kulkarni X
Repertory on Hypertension by Dr. Ajit Kulkarni X
Rare collection with rare remedies by Dr. Balbir Singh 
Experience Zone Repertory by Dr.Prabhakar Shetty X
Quick therapeutics by Dr. Sunil Verma 

Expert Systems  
Kent Expert System 
Boenninghausen Expert System 
Boger Expert System 
Dr. Prafull Vijayakar's Acute Expert System X
Tempraz Expert System√** X
Element Theory Expert System by Jan Scholten√** X
Seigal Expert System√** X

Unique Features  
Find new rubrics using large compilation of cross references, themes, synonyms, similar words. 
Expert filters like Temperament Filter, Acute Filter, Scholten’s Periodic table Filter and Scholten’s Elements Theory Filter X
A complete international code of disease data - ICD 10 data X
Repertorise while patient is giving history - Quick Repertorisation 
Instant recording and repertorization of complaints using Quick case Record module X
Latest convenient user interface 
Multi- lingual case record form with auto repertorization (16 languages) X
Instant Repertory search and Search as you type using Repertory Search Module 
Fastest Repertorisation Software! 
Quick recording of symptoms from any screen using Global Clipboards 
Large compilation of Remedy Keynotes, Properties, Remedy Relationships and Remedy Pictures. 
Huge compilation of Author reference data. Provision of viewing Source information 
Build your own repertory using User Repertory module 
Refer from huge collection of cured cases X
Instant Case Analysis! 
All Features in a Single Screen! 
Precise Drug Filtration to achieve Similimum in seconds! 
How to get the Similimum? Use various Repertorisation strategies! 
Problem converting Patient's words into rubrics? Use Intelligent Word Search! 
Stuck to 2 remedies while prescribing - Compare instantly! 
Prescribe with Confidence - Confirm first! - Materia Medica confirmation of the    symptoms 
Sit back and Hear the remedies being read for You by the Software! 
Multimedia for Patient, Repertory and Materia medica 
Record symptoms using Clinical Conditions Media X
Newly designed tool for rubric, remedy and repertorization for quick access 
Potency Selector 
Health calculator for doctor and dietitians 
Text to speech - Relax & Listen to Materia Medica 
Exclusive color themes 

Add on Utilities  
Potency Selector 
Homeopathic Dictionary 
Health Calculators on Fitness, Children, Protein Intake 
Health Monitors 
Remedy List and Remedy Editor 

Add on Modules  
Patient Management System 
Multi-Physician Management 
Case Analysis 
Links Tresorie X
Support and Updates 
# - Approximately
*- Jan Scholten Repertory is available with Element Theory Expert System.
** - Available on user choice for additional cost
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