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Foot-steps for a Successful Practice
Co-relate Homeopathy with the elements of periodic table.
1200 Remedies
In-depth understanding of the elemental nature and its related materia medica.
25 Books
Explore the world of elements
6 Repertories
Repertory on Elements by Jan Scholten
Practical Analysis
Scholten's Materia Medica
Element Theory Reference
Each Expert System represents a different school of thought. It has a different approach to perceive a case and undestand deeper aspects of patient management. These are designed to help you treat your patients better. The Element Theory makes it easy for you to understand the relation between the elements in the Periodic Table and homeopathy. We always wonder why are there so few remedies that we really know well, remedies like Aurum or argentum nitricum for instance? What about Hafnium, Krypton or any of the others? They are like white patches on a map of the known world. Jan Scholten, through his work on elements and minerals has endeavored to fill those patches. Using the Scholten Periodic Table, his practical analysis helps us analyze the stage and the series that the patient belongs to.
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