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CURE Series : CURE is all that Matters
Price : US$ 199.00

Cure is an excellent educational DVDs set having learning material equivalent to 25+ seminars compiled in a set of Cure DVDs.

The Cure DVDs set is a virtual goldmine for all dedicated homeopaths around the world.

Includes powerful presentations from 100+ teachers and pioneers.
Compatible with Windows Cure Series and Mac Cure Series OS.
Own this Total Solution now at a Special Introductory Price of USD 149 only!
Click here to download Materia Medica presentation of Cannabis Sativa

Some of its unmatched knowledge base and unparalleled features are:-
  • 300+ interesting cases from various old stalwarts and contemporary experts
  • 500+ multimedia presentations
  • 100+ remedy descriptions with multimedia

  • 1500+ remedy descriptions with confirmatory symptoms and nucleus of each remedy

  • 3000+ remedy properties (The source, origin, part used – a comprehensive description)

  • 800+ remedies, remedy relationships (complementary, follows well, inimical, antidote, etc)

  • 600+ clinical condition descriptions, do’s and don’ts, and patient instructions
  • 72+ Diet and Nutrition instructions for most common clinical conditions
  • 40+ multimedia lectures on pharmacy
  • Complete description of MIASMS with powerful PowerPoint presentations
  • Newly proved remedies like Ayahuasca, Salmon, Olive, Helium, Ginseng, Lotus, Mandrake root, Rosa canina, Rosa gallica

  • Gain knowledge sitting in the comfort and convenience of your home or clinic
  • Save your precious time, which you can spend in your clinic or other fruitful activity
  • Cut down you cost of learning to less than 1/20th or even less
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