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Homoeopathic software
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Homeopathic Software
Homoeopathic Software
Get sharp. Prepare to succeed.
Important information on clinical examination
111 Cases
Details on important investigations
1099 Remedies
Specially designed for junior students
17 Books
2 Repertories
Journals, Books, Tresorie
Latest Materia Medica
Keynotes and many more
Student Corner
MCQ and Mock tests
Stepping in to the field of homeopathy, you have a lot to learn. Hompath Edge, the only software designed specifically for students, gives you that extra mile. The books, the Keynotes, information on clinical examination, investigations, Materia Medica and various other detailed information that will help you gain a wider perspective on homeopathy that is very close to the real-life practice. Be well informaed with innovative features lie global search, comparison of Keynotes and Materia Medica of 2 or more remedies instantly. Get that sharper edge with in-depth knowledge and information available at a clock of a button. With hompath Edge, you join the world of stalwarts of homeopathy who use this software for successfully treating their patients of various difficult medical conditions.
Get sharp. Prepare to succeed. Experience the 'Right Click Remedy'.

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