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CURE 10 : In-depth Insights into 800 remedies
Price : US$ 30.00
Salient Features

Homeopathic Materia Medica is a rich and exhaustive treasure trove lined with thousands of precious stones (remedies), each one having a unique personality and identity of its own. Each remedy is like a person having its own keynotes, properties, characteristics, relationships with each other, etc. Studying each remedy requires tremendous effort, time, and perseverance.

Scientific research over the last few years has overwhelmingly shown that it is easier for a person to understand, grasp, and recollect complex concepts that are depicted in pictures.

With this theme in mind, Hompath has developed Cure 10 DVD that beautifully elucidates and brings to life 800 remedies using pictures, videos, animations and PowerPoint presentations. This makes the process of studying, understanding, and recollecting these remedies highly effective as well as interesting.

Incomparable knowledge base of Cure 10:

  • 800 remedy properties, keynotes, relationships vividly depicted using multimedia tools

  • 200+ Patient Instructions (printable) about important health issues with etiology, symptoms, do’s and don’ts
  • 70+ Diet and Nutrition instructions (printable) to protect and preserve your health
  • 20+ newly proved remedies including butterfly, helium, oxygen, sea horse, reticulated python, etc.

Cure 10 is a huge knowledge powerhouse that will propel your career forward and help Create Your Own Success Story.

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