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Cure 4 - Glimpses into the World of Spiders

Price : US$ 25.00

This is yet another effort in our endeavor to enrich the knowledge of keen and ardent homeopaths who always yearn to keep pace with the latest developments in the field of Homeopathy.


This work is a compilation of enormous data from available sources like existing Materia Medicae, Clinical experiences, Cases and from newer Provings as well. Till now, barring a few well-proved spider remedies, smaller remedies from the same group were never put to use. Our attempt, through this work, is to help homeopaths prescribe most of these remedies with good efficacy in treating cases and producing more cures.

Salient features
  • Zoological and Homeopathic information about the following spider remedies:
     Aranea diadema
     Aranea ixobola
     Aranea scenicus
     Aranea tela
     Atrax robustus
     Latrodectus hasselti
     Latrodectus katipo
     Latrodectus mactans
     Loxosceles reclusa
     Mygale lasiodora
     Tarentula cubensis
     Tarentula hispania
     Theridion curassavicon
  • Study of behavior and prey-capturing technique of individual spider, which will enable a Homeopath to perceive the expression of the same at human level, thus easing the effort in choosing the correct spider remedy.
  • Group symptoms of spider remedies facilitating to arrive at the spider cluster and thence to the similimum
  • Illustrative presentation of the 'essence' of spider remedies that helps to understand the evolution of each remedy
  • A separate section on mind symptoms brings forth personalities of the spider remedies.
  • Prescriptive totality of every remedy helps in finer differentiation between all the spiders
  • Quick overview of all the spider remedies
  • Compare and contrast between spiders as well as other closely related remedies
  • Repertory of spiders with an option to study all the rubrics or single remedy rubrics from 37 repertories
  • Access to all Materia Medicae
An effort that promises to be a 'TREASURE OF KNOWLEDGE'
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