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Cure 5 - Dr. Sehgal's School of Revolutionized Homoeopathy

Price : US$ 25.00

CURE 5 is another knowledge software CD belonging to the CURE series and it is based on Dr. Sehgal's School of Revolutionized Homoeopathy [SSRH]. Keeping up to the high standards that the team at Hompath has always set for itself, this CD is all set to create a definite niche for itself in the Homoeopathic fraternity. A precise and comprehensive package of information about the Sehgal's method has been provided in an extremely simple yet impressive format in this CD.

Dr. Sehgal's School of Revolutionized Homoeopathy

As Dr. Sehgal said his method of Revolutionized Homoeopathy is 'Simple and Practical', efforts to simplify the understanding of this method are clearly evident in this CD.

Table of Contents:
    • Introductory note by Dr. Jawahar Shah
    • Quotes by various Practitioners of the method
    • History of Revolutionized Method (R.M.)
    • Discovery of R.M.
    • How the Sehgal's Method has 'Revolutionized Homoeopathy'
    • Basic Concepts of R.M.
      • What is a 'Similar'?
      • Totality and Center
      • Importance of 'Mind' in R.M.
      • What is meant by 'Mind'?
      • What is the relation of 'Mind' and the 'Body'?
      • How Mind helps us in reaching the Similimum?
      • What is meant by 'Disease'?
      • What is 'Health' and 'Natural Order of Body'?
      • Understanding 'DELUSIONS'
      • Concept of Case Taking
      • Mental State and PPP (Present, Persistent and Predominating symptoms)
      • Theory of Cure
    • Art and Science of R.M.
      • How to take a case?
      • What, he says
      • How, he says
      • Tone
      • Manner
      • Gestures
      • Style
      • Why, he says
      • When, he says
      • How to prescribe?
      • What to expect after the medicine is prescribed?
      • How to assess the overall progress?
      • Wait and watch?
    • Understanding the Repertory
      • How to study the Repertory?
      • Study of some rubrics in detail
      • Study of Opium
      • Patient Versions in Hindi
      • Rubrics Videos
    • Interpretations of Clinical Observations
    • Classic Case Studies
    • Literature
    • Global presence of R.M.
Dr. Sehgal's School of Revolutionized Homoeopathy Dr. Sehgal's School of Revolutionized Homoeopathy
Dr. Sehgal's School of Revolutionized Homoeopathy

Eye-catching format of the content, smooth flow of the topics, impressive powerpoint presentations of various cases, videos explaining different rubrics, clips from the various seminars are some of the important features that add value to this CD. Easy navigation and simplicity make this information-packed CD a must-have for everyone. All in all, this is a comprehensive powerful tool that can be put to effective use by everyone who owns it!

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