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This section has all the downloads. Feel free to download Materia Medica Live , evidence based cases , demos, training videos , utilities, patches, etc. If you face any difficulty while downloading, click here. These downloads are free of costs.
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  Training Videos Size approx. time*
  Quick Case Record 61.1MB 15 mins
  Repertorial Totality 84.5MB 22 mins
  Acute Expert System 19.3MB 5 mins
  Tempraz Expert System 39.6MB 10 mins
  Element Theory Expert System 21.2MB 5 mins
  Seigal Expert System 69.6MB 36 mins
  Repertory Search 49.1MB 13 mins
  Expert’s Clinical Repertory 78.6MB 20 mins
  Remedy, Rubric, Repertorization tools 79.8MB 21 mins
  Clinical Tips 36.1MB 9 mins
  Cases 48.5MB 12 mins
  Materia Medica 66.7MB 17 mins
  Allopathic Drug Data 23.2MB 6 mins
  Diet and Nutrition tips 14.4MB 4 mins
  Patient Instructions 32.7MB 8 mins
  Potency Selector 47.6MB 12 mins
  Multimedia 43.1MB 11 mins
  Other Resources Size approx. time*
  User Manual 28.5MB 7 mins
  Installation Guide 1.21MB 18 secs
  Book List 317KB 4 secs
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