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1. What is Hompath?
2. Why should I opt for a homeopathic software?
3. Why should I go for Hompath as MY software?
4. What does the latest version of Hompath have to offer me?
5. Which Avatar suits my needs?
6. What are the salient features of Complete Repertory 2011?
7. How different is the 2011 edition of Complete Repertory from the 2009 edition?
8. What are the salient features of Murphy’s Homeopathic Clinical Repertory?
9. What is Repertory of the Elements?
10. Which other unique repertories does Hompath house?
11. What new features will I get to experience in the new Hompath?
12. When there is a Classic Case Record in the software, why do I need a Quick Case Record?
13. Why do I need Allopathic Drug Data in a homeopathic software?
14. How do Rubric, Remedy and Repertorisation Tools work to my advantage?
15. Does Hompath have a software for students?
16. Does Hompath have a software for students that is available free of cost?
17. What benefits does the student get from Hompath?
18. Which features are present in Student Corner of Hompath Edge and Firefly?
19. How can I make my dissertation using Hompath software?
20. How does Hompath software help me during examinations?
21. What is the Professional Skills Development feature in Hompath Firefly?
22. What is an expert system?
23. How do expert systems help me in my clinical practice?
24. How many expert systems does Hompath feature?
25. How does Kent Expert System work?
26. How does Boenninghausen Expert System work?
27. How does Boger Expert System work?
28. What is Seigal Method of prescribing?
29. How does Seigal Expert System work?
30. What is ‘Understanding of Man’ section in Seigal expert system?
31. What is ‘Understanding of Repertory’ section in Seigal expert system?
32. How many books of Sehgal School of Revolutionized Homeopathy are included in Seigal expert system?
33. What is Acute Expert System?
34. What is ‘Acute Prescriber’?
35. Where can I get acute solved cases by Dr. Prafull Vijayakar in the software?
36. What is Element Theory?
37. How does Element Theory Expert System work?
38. Which books of Jan Scholten are included in Element Theory Expert System?
39. What is Tempraz?
40. What are temperaments?
41. How do we differentiate temperaments from personality?
42. How does Tempraz work?
43. How can I get the demonstration of the product?
44. How Can I get the live demonstration of the software online?
45. Where can I find demo version of Hompath Wildfire?
46. How can I get training on hompath software?
47. How can I take a backup of my patients data?
48. How do I transfer patient data from Hompath M.D, Hompath Classic 8.0 or older version to Hompath WildFire or Hompath PurpleRock or other version?
49. How can I restore my patients data from Hompath M.D, Hompath Classic 8.0 or any previous version?
50. How can I get technical support while installing the software?
51. Where can I get support for software?
52. What are the minimum requirements to run the software?
53. How can I Install Hompath Software?
54. How can I register hompath software?
55. What is Hompath Security Key?
56. What can I do if the Hompath Security Key is lost or damaged? How can get additional key for the software?
57. How does software registration process work?
58. Can I install Hompath software in more than one system?
59. What should I do if I get registration dialog box again even after successful registration?
60. How do I re-install Hompath software?
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