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Price : US$ 25.00
"Art and Science of Homoeopathic Pharmacy" by Dr. Sumit Goel M.D. is now recommended as the standard textbook for basic as well as post-graduate [advanced] studies in India and abroad for mainstream homoeopathic students.
It is a must for a complete knowledge of Homoeopathy today in this fast-paced world, as even Hahnemann realized it.
A colourful interactive Presentation - an innovative method of teaching - replaces transparencies and slides.

40 Chapters of detailed information covering entire syllabus of pharmacy in easy PowerPoint presentation including MCQs for Quick Reference.

Drug source,Potentization,Drug Proving,Semi-solid Vehicles,Solid Vehicles
* Your very own Pharmacy notes, Now on a CD in an eye pleasing format
* Complete information
* User-friendly
* Revise your entire subject in a day
* MCQs for students
Drug source,Potentization,Drug Proving,Semi-solid Vehicles,Pharmacopoeia,Liquid Vehicles

An ideal tool for Easy, Quick Learning, Revising and Teaching Pharmacy

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