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Homoeopathic software
Repertorisation Software Repertorisation Software Homoeopathic software
Quick Case Record Quick Case Record
  • Intelligently stores your patient’s history in an easy manner
  • Record rubrics while patient is narrating history
  • Record symptoms as rubrics and automatically repertorize them in ‘Quick Case Record’
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Repertory Repertory
  • Oldest to the newest repertories including Complete Repertory 2011 and Murphy’s Homeopathic Clinical Repertory version 3.0.
  • 37* repertories and more coming soon. Completely new look designed for the ease of toggling between chapters and repertories.
  • Advanced search options very much akin to web search engines. Gets you the precise rubrics in no time!
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Special Clinical  Repertories Special Clinical Repertories
  • A priceless collection of 20 unique repertories which concentrate on specific conditions
  • Specific characteristics & homeopathic information difficult to find in any other repertory
  • Valuable information on Thyroid, Hypertension, AIDS, Suppression, Obesity, Asthma, Pneumonia etc.
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Repertorial Totality Repertorial Totality
  • Record rubrics in no time, without opening the chapter or repertory
  • Intelligent word completion just like web search engines
  • Toggle between same rubrics according to your preference of repertories
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Rubric, Remedy, Repertory Tool Rubric, Remedy, Repertory Tool
  • New additions for the ease of functioning and finding similimum
  • Find available Cases, Clinical Tips and Materia Medica books for ANY remedy from ANYWHERE
  • Strategic and expert filters and tools for arriving at the similimum within seconds
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Remedy Properties Remedy Properties
  • Entire remedy information including common & generic name, chemical formula, part used, hierarchy etc.
  • A collection of more than 3000 remedies, including common, rare and newly proved remedies
  • More than 2000 remedy images, for ease of understanding the doctrines of signature
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Clinical Tips Clinical Tips
  • 3187 Clinical Tips arranged systematically and can be accessed easily
  • Tips for various clinical conditions from acute to chronic, aphonia to cardiac failure
  • It is great help when you are stuck in difficult cases
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Cases Cases
  • A colossal anthology of about 5000 treated cases
  • Learn prescribing methods for acute, chronic, one-sided, difficult or incurable diseases
  • Cases from pillars – Hahnemann, Kent, Boger etc. and contemporary experts – Scholten, Vijayakar, Humranwala, Sehgal etc.
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Compare Keynotes Compare Keynotes
  • Compare and differentiate two or more remedies in a single window
  • Minute differentiating aspects of remedies within sections, in same or different books
  • Clear your confusion between 2 similar remedies using this feature
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Library Library
  • World’s largest Homoeopathic database including Books, Journals, Articles, Cases and Media from old, rare as well as newly published books of more than 1000 volumes from 2700 authors.
  • More than 200 new books in the Materia Medica and Library to refer with 5000+ cured cases
  • World renowned journals of over 100 years
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Multimedia Multimedia
  • Make your practice evidence based with media files, comparison of investigations and follow-ups.
  • Media files of various clinical conditions which can be used to understand the same in a better fashion
  • Vibrant remedy pictures and presentations along with their cases
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Patient Instructions Patient Instructions
  • Advice the patients, in simple language & give printed instructions for them to remember and follow
  • 615 patient instructions & tips on diet and nutrition
  • Counsel on functional to pathological states with description on do’s & don’ts
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Potency Selector Potency Selector
  • Intelligent guide on selection of potency for each case
  • Potency evaluated on vital criteria like age, sensitivity, mental & physical level, miasm etc.
  • Refrain from trial and error methods for potency selection
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Allopathic Drug Data Allopathic Drug Data
  • For the 1st time data of Allopathic drugs in homoeopathic software.
  • 537 Allopathic drugs for immediate reference, action & planning of treatment in your homoeopathic practice.
  • Know the action, indications, contraindications, brand names of allopathic drugs at one click to treat & succeed in your practice.
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Expert Systems Expert Systems
  • Different schools of thoughts have different approach to perceive a case and understand deeper aspects of patient management.
  • Take a different approach. Think afresh. Get a new perspective.
  • Understand any case through Temperaments, Predictive method, Periodic table analysis, Sehgal’s Revolutionized method, Kentain, Bogerian or Boenninghausen’s methods.
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Kent Expert System Kent Expert System
  • How do you come to a similimum when you have many mental generals in your case?
  • Have your cases solved by one of the greatest stalwarts of homeopathy – Kent, by Kent's method of analysis at a click of button!
  • The rubrics are automatically analyzed and rearranged at a single click in order of importance in Kentian evaluation, irrespective of the order in which you have recorded them.
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Boger Expert System Boger Expert System
  • Don’t worry when you have a lot of pathological symptoms or accessory symptoms in your case!
  • Get full assistance in solving your cases by the master pathological prescriber - Boger, by Boger's method of analysis.
  • The rubrics are automatically analyzed and rearranged at a single click, in order of importance in Bogerian evaluation, irrespective of the order in which you have recorded them at a click of button!
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Boenninghausen Expert System Boenninghausen Expert System
  • The concomitants and generals have been described by Boenninghausen, as the unreasonable attendants in the case but they make their presence felt persistently and in a strong degree.
  • When you have such symptoms in your case, get the case solved by one of the icons of homeopathy – Boenninghausen by Boenninghausen's method of analysis.
  • Boenninghausen's method of analysis automatically analyzes the rubrics, in order of importance at a click of button!
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Acute Expert System Acute Expert System
  • Difficult to handle acute cases with homeopathy? Acute Expert System provides fool proof solution in acute conditions.
  • Dr. Prafull Vijayakar’s Acute Expert System is especially designed to give us the confidence to treat even acute conditions with ease and confidence.
  • Created out of essence of 30 years of experience in treating acute conditions with amazing results.
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