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Homoeopathic Software
Good health should spread like wildfire
Price : US$ 1500.00
Take a different approach.
5000+ Cases
Think afresh
3000+ Remedies
Get a new perspective
1000+ Books
36 Repertories
Complete Repertory 2011
Murphy’s Clinical Repertory
Acute Expert System
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Latest Materia Medica
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Good health should spread like wildfire. This has been the elementary thought that led to conceptualising this software. The exhaustive content, the innovative tools, the refreshing and intuitive user-interface, as well as the value-added services built around the software - everything has been carefully integrated so that you can treat difficult health conditions at the click of a button. It has been designed to give you solutions - be it Remedies, Rubrics, Clinical Conditions, Symptoms, Cases, Remedy Sources at the click of a button.

Hompath WildFire is built to make you an expert. Along with world’s largest homeopathic database, it comes with Acute Expert System by Dr. Prafull Vijayakar by default. Now you can treat Acute Conditions with ease using this unique utility.

Hompath WildFire also comes with an option to add 3 more Expert Systems to it:

Tempraz Expert System by Dr. Parinaz Humranwala,

Element Theory Expert System by Jan Scholten and

Seigal Expert System by Drs. Sehgal Brothers.

Any or all of the above Expert Systems can be incorporated into Hompath WildFire at an additional cost. You have a choice to select any one of these suitable to your style of practising homeopathy. Come, experience the 'Right Click Remedy'.

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Complete Repertory 2011