MIND TECHNOLOGIES makes an impact at SMMART success (m)2ultipliers ECOSYSTEM GURUKUL 2013 Training Module

The intensive Success Multiplication Module of world-renowned Corporate Training Company, SMMART, in which Mind Technologies underwent rigorous training along with 11 other reputed organizations, ended with a unique Awards Ceremony in which Mind Technologies emerged a triumphant award winner. Read on about its Success Story...

Beaming Smiles on the faces... Mr. Santosh Nair (Renowned Corporate Guru and Founder of SMMART) felicitating Dr. Jawahar Shah (Celebrated Homoeopath, Managing Director, Mind Technologies and Founder of Hompath) at Success Multipliers Ecosystem Gurukul.

Team members of Mind Technologies and Ecosystem Gurukul delegates proudly displaying their well-earned SMMART success (m)2ultipliers Ecosystem Gurukul Certificates.
L-R:Alfred D’souza, Atul Chawathe, Dr. Jawahar Shah (Celebrated Homoeopath & Managing Director, Mind Technologies), Mr. Santosh Nair (Founder & Director of SMMART), Moosab Shaikh, Gayatri Kanaujiya, Dr. Neha Vijayakar and Richa Shivhare.

Candid Moment at SMMART Awards
L-R: Alfred D’souza, Atul Chawathe, Dr. Jawahar Shah, Santosh Nair, Moosab Shaikh, Gayatri Kanaujiya, Dr. Neha Vijayakar and Richa Shivhare

One more feather in the cap of Mind Technologies...
Mr. Santosh Nair honouring Dr. Jawahar Shah with “SMMART success (m)2ultipliers Award” for Achieving Maximum number of Awards for their Outstanding Performance in Buddy Meetings.

Mr. Santosh Nair, World Renowned Corporate Trainer and Founder of SMMART giving Certificate of Appreciation to Mr. Moosab Shaikh , Manager, Marketing Department, Mind Technologies, winner of Best Presentation at the BUDDY Meeting of Success Multipliers Ecosystem Gurukul.

The SMMART success (m)2ultipliers Ecosystem Gurukul Delegation Team Members of leading National Companies, including Mind Technologies together after the SMMART Awards Ceremony.