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Fully working homeopathic solution for practice and academic module

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Hompath Firefly Mobile App : Innovative Homeopathy Mobile App to Enhance Your Practice

Carry your clinic in the palm of your hand; one stop solution to everything you need in your practice with the world’s best Homeopathy Repertorization App

  • Experience the goose bumps every day in your clinical practice.
  • Training videos and online support by highly qualified MD doctors.
  • Arrive at the similimum quickly.
  • Use it daily and see the benefits you derive every day in every case.
  • Achieve quick and accurate results.
  • Widest range of educational and practice material which keeps you updated
  • Range of analysis tool and a materia medica tool to take your clinical practice to new heights
  • Experience the magical world of knowledge: Thousands of remedies, hundreds of practical solutions at your fingertips

Use it 100% 90 days absolutely FREE and experience the power of Firefly and Homeopathy

Hompath Firefly Mobile App most intuitive Homeopathy Mobile App to increase your prescribing pace. The Mobile App lets you access the vast database of repertories, Materia medica, clinical books and therapeutics wherever you go. Built with patient management system, you can record, store, analyse the case & prescribe the remedies at an amazing speed.

Salient features of Hompath Firefly Mobile App

  • Special repertories like Asthma, Obesity, Constipation, Biochemic etc.
  • Complete Information of 3000+ homeopathic remedies.
  • 3000 Remedy properties and 700 Remedy Relationships
  • Materia Medica, clinical, and therapeutics books by old and new masters (e.g., Hahnemann, Kent, Clarke, Allen, Farokh Master, Sankaran and Sehgal etc.)
  • 636 Clinical tips verified in 1000's of cases
  • 107+ Volumes of Homeopathic books
  • 100+ Cured Cases from well-experienced doctors
  • 1400 Keynotes of homeopathic medicines.
  • 615 patient instructions for disease conditions.
  • Student Academic Module with Question Bank, MCQs etc.

Create Unlimited Patient Records
Unlimited patient registrations, unlimited consultations and unlimited follow-ups.
Find & Record Exact Rubrics
Record rubrics instantly from various repertories including special repertories.
Quick Symptom record-without opening or searching a repertory get perfect symptom recorded quickly as you take the case.
Instant Repertorisation sheet
Create your Repertorisation sheet and apply various strategies and filters to get the unexpected remedies and results.
Analyse Rubrics & Medicines
Use remedy and symptom filters to narrow down your medicines. Compare and differentiate the finer shades of remedy in a way never seen before.
Confirm Your Prescription
Confirm your remedy using Homeopathy books & cured cases. Use Potency Selector to help to find dosage and repetition.
Know Your Remedies
Know keynotes of 1400+ remedies, 3000 remedy properties, materia medica, cured cases and families.
Efficient Utilities
Assist your practice by utilities like Backup & restore, patient instructions, diet tips, academic module, allopathic drug data, mother tinctures, therapeutics, prophylaxis and many more which are not available in any Homeopathic software or app across the world.
Student Academic Module
Unique Academic module for students with viva questions, question banks, clinical investigations, MCQs etc.

I just bought their mobile app Hompath Firefly program and I wanted to tell you how pleased I am that I made this decision. It is a very good program value for money. I found it very easy to install, very easy to use. I can use it on the go in my various practice location. I have the App on my telephone so its all the time with me and the most amazing thing is it has almost all the features that my other desktop programs have. So, I am so pleased I made that decision and I wanted to let my colleagues know because it is definitely a valuable tool in ones practice and I can only highly recommend the program its value for money and also the support one gets from the Indian office is fantastic.

Angelika Metzger, London, UK

Clinical Practitioner, London, UK
“I have been using Hompath, since 25 years and the software, is progressive in nature, in terms of database, intelligent use, user-friendly. I have found Hompath extremely useful.”

Dr. Ajit Kulkarni

International Teacher & Director,
"Hompath software is great because it is really easy to use. I can actually repertorise, in ten minutes, putting symptoms together and looking up the materia medica. I recommend this to every homeopath."

Jeremy Sherr

Homeopathy for Health in Africa(HHA)
"The program is excellent. You can repertorize your client with a range of information in order to respect the individuality of each and suggest the homeopathic remedy more agree. It can also improve knowledge with several philosophers and their definitions according to their thoughts. The therapist also has the opportunity to read about homeopathic medicine. The program allows you to have more security to repertorize and use it indefinitely."

Veralucia Santos