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Dr. Bhattacharya

Gold medalist DHMS, MD Homoeopath from Kolkata. Practicing Homoeopathy in Kolkata since 26 yrs.

It is very easy to take the case and find the similimum using Hompath…Hompath gives you an idea and knowledge of Repertory, Philosophy and Materia Medica which is easy to find and use…Hompath Wildfire has made it more easy to take the case and reach a similimum… The mentals have been arranged well to make the prescription and the treatment of the patient easy.

Anil Singhal
M.D (Homeo) Practicing homeopathic physician at Delhi and Gurgaon for the last 23 years
I am using Hompath for last many years & I think this is the best Homoeopathic software from India….This software has the largest database in technical term. I would say this is the most indigenous program & I would advise every one must have the Hompath software… With so many volumes of materia medica, repertories & key-notes, movies, short notes, I am sure this software will change the scenario of 21st century Homoeopathic system in the world

Dr. Eshwara Das
Director NIH, Deputy Advisor (Homoeopathy) to Government of India
A lot of information about Homoeopathic Repertories is given in Hompath.
It is versatile software which will definitely benefit the homoeopathic fraternity and homoeopathic students.

Dr. Arpita Banga
From Ireland, Dublin
The software is really good & I would definitely like to go for it & I would definitely like to recommend it. It has data explained in quite good way. I am taking an opportunity to take this software & explain the software to the other doctors in Dublin, there are Homoeopaths looking forward & waiting for such kind of software & I think it is a very good thing for them as well

Dr. Prabhakar Shetty
Author of Special Repertory from Hompath
It’s a great pleasure, great honour to be one of the member of a Hompath family … and this repertory does give you lots of tips, sometimes when we go on hunting for medicine for particular disease on individualization basis etc. and we are fed up with it , at that time the repertory becomes handy… I believe it will be very useful for everybody & I once again thank Hompath….

Dr. Bhattacharya
Gold medalist DHMS, MD Homoeopath from Kolkata. Practicing Homoeopathy in Kolkata since 26 yrs.
It is very easy to take the case and find the similimum using Hompath…Hompath gives you an idea and knowledge of Repertory, Philosophy and Materia Medica which is easy to find and use…Hompath Wildfire has made it more easy to take the case and reach a similimum… The mentals have been arranged well to make the prescription and the treatment of the patient easy.

Dr. Bipin Jethani
B.H.M.S. Lecturer, Nehru Homeopathic Medical College.
I have been an avid follower of Hompath and have been working on the system for some time. The part of Homapth that I feel is the best is, they have been constantly upgrading it, keeping the needs of the system. You will find lot of classic literature coming along with certain modern literature…. With the click of the button, you can get lot of information, esp. lot of micro-information, which is very useful for practice…..

Dr. E.S. Rajendran
from Homoeopathic Medical College, Salem
1986 .. DOS Programme of Hompath, it was a great innovation in the field of Homoeopathy & all appreciated it well…
Hompath has grown & it has come out with Hompath wildfire.. With more than 1000 volumes of books and more than 10million symptoms; I am sure it is going to enrich Homoeopathy…. & has enriched the practice of Homoeopathy all over the world.
My best wishes, congratulations & grand success for efforts…

Dr. Francisco Fernandes
Dr. Jawahar Shah has done the name for India and Homeopathy. For his pioneering work on Hompath and his future editions, I wish him all the best and good luck so that the world may make use of his pioneering work in Homeopathy and so may contribute to the research of Dr. Samuel Hahnemann who has discovered Homeopathy and that Homeopathy may be enriched day by day.

Dr. Manish Bhartiya
I have been using Hompath since 15 years and I have seen its development from DOS version to the latest version WildFire. It has improved a lot and provided the largest database. It has user-friendly methods and helps easy search of any rubric through all repertories and Materia Medica. It is a great achievement and expertise in the field of Homeopathy.

Venkatesh Rao
From Vishakhapattanam, Andhra Pradesh, India.
I am using Hompath since 15 years, it is very very useful in my practice, main beauty of Hompath is regarding recording symptoms in proper way & where we can analyse in different manner, another thing is you can record the symptoms & you can directly paste into case sheet which is a very useful thing, you need not type again & again while narration of patient itself, the symptoms where you can record & directly take the symptom into a regular follow up case which is very useful thing.

Dr. Ramji Singh
President of CCH
Dr. Ramji Singh, President of Central Council of Homeopathy (CCH) was very impressed with the newest creation of Mind Tech Live – Hompath Firefly Mobile App that he expressed his desire to implement it in all the homeopathy colleges

Dr. Arun Jamkar Part - 1
Vice Chancellor, M.U.H.S., Nashik
M.U.H.S. has been pioneering research as well as newer technologies in education. We thought that for betterment of education in Homeopathy, we need to introduce advanced courses. Thus, we developed and certified two different sets of Courses. These Courses will be conducted by Enlightenment Education Private Limited. I congratulate Dr. Jawahar Shah, Director of Enlightenment Education Private Limited, for organizing these courses, where everything would be on the basis of Credit System, with multiple occasions of interaction, and lot more things for the homeopath to learn.

Dr. Chattopadhyay
Dr. Chattopadyay is an eminent Homeopath and Head of Department of Repertory in a Homeopathy college. In his opinion Hompath firefly is an app par excellence.
An eminent and leading Homeopathand Head of Department of Repertory in a Homeopathy college, Dr. Chattopadhyay feels that Hompath Firefly App is an extremely useful and helpful application and that it is sure be extremely beneficial for doctors in their practice.

Dr. Mohammed Zakharia
Managing Director of New Life, Dr. Mohammed Zakharia’s review of the most user-friendly Homeopathy App – Hompath Firefly
Dr. Mohammed Zakharia, managing director of New Life felt that Hompath softwares are the most user-friendly and pocket-friendly softwares. The latest release of Mindtech, the Hompath Mobile App is way ahead of its time and he congratulated Dr. Jawahar Shah for creating it.

Dr. Subrato Chatterjee
Subrato Chatterjee, a well known Homeopath from Kolkata gives his opinion on Hompath Firefly Mobile App
Dr. Subrato Chatterjee, a well known Homeopath from Kolkata feels that Hompath Mobile App is mobile friendly and increases your prescribing pace thereby ensures easy handling of patients in clinic.

Dr. Arun Jamkar Part - 2
Vice Chancellor, M.U.H.S., Nashik
M.U.H.S. has been pioneering research as well as newer technologies in education. We thought that for betterment of education in Homeopathy, we need to introduce advanced courses. Thus, we developed and certified two different sets of Courses. These Courses will be conducted by Enlightenment Education Private Limited. I congratulate Dr. Jawahar Shah, Director of Enlightenment Education Private Limited, for organizing these courses, where everything would be on the basis of Credit System, with multiple occasions of interaction, and lot more things for the homeopath to learn.

Dr. Neeraj Gupta
Well known Homeopath Dr. Neeraj Gupta talks about how Hompath helpless she is without Hompath
Well known Homeopath Dr. Neeraj Gupta, (M.D., B.H.M.S.) feels helpless without Hompath Wildfire and finds it very easy to prescribe with it. Among the various features available in the soft ware, she has found “Quick Search” and “Quick Repertorisation” the most helpful.

Dr. Nilanjana Basu
The Vice Principal at Bakson’s Homeopathy College - Dr. Nilanjana Basu feels that Hompath Mobile App is like an “encyclopedia”.
Dr. Nilanjana Basu, the vice principal at Bakson’s Homeopathy College was impressed by the amount of information that is available in the small, pocket-sized Hompath Mobile App. Clinical tips, Repertories, Repertorisation – all the features are making prescribing so much easier.

Dr. R.K. Bhatiya
Senior practitioner at Varanasi Dr. R.K. Bhatiya congratulates Dr. Jawahar Shah for making Hompath Mobile App which he feels is a big asset for all Homeopaths
Dr. R.K. Bhatiya, a well known and senior Homeopath from Varanasi feels that Hompath Mobile App is the biggest asset for all homeopathy practitioners. He congratulated Dr. Jawahar Shah on his latest creation and feels that every homeopath will benefit immensely with this app – it will make prescriptions easy and precise!

Dr. Rajendra Rajput
Dr. Rajendra Rajput, Professor of Community Medicine found Hompath Mobile App very useful for students as well as practitioners.
Dr. Rajendra Rajput, Professor of Community Medicine feels that the latest software developed by Mind Technologies is extremely useful to students as well as practitioners. He found it to be extremely user friendly and handy because of all the Materia Medica books, Repertories and Philosophy books included in it.

Jeremy Sherr
from HHA, Reviews Homeopathic Mobile App, Hompath Firefly
Jeremy Sherr, from Homeopathy for Health in Africa is the author of numerous homeopathy textbooks and journal articles and the author of ‘Q repertory of Mental Qualities’.

Angelika Metzger, London, UK
Clinical Practitioner, London, UK
I just bought their mobile app Hompath Firefly program and I wanted to tell you how pleased I am that I made this decision. It is a very good program value for money. I found it very easy to install, very easy to use. I can use it on the go in my various practice location. I have the App on my telephone so its all the time with me and the most amazing thing is it has almost all the features that my other desktop programs have. So, I am so pleased I made that decision and I wanted to let my colleagues know because it is definitely a valuable tool in ones practice and I can only highly recommend the program its value for money and also the support one gets from the Indian office is fantastic.

Dr. Ajit Kulkarni
Director, Homoeopathic Research Institute, Satara & Pune India
I have been using Hompath, since 25 years and I must say that, this is the software, which is almost progressive in nature, in terms of database, in terms of intelligent use of various breakthroughs that are discovered in the field of Homeopathy. Hompath has been very user-friendly. While giving seminars in many parts of the world, I have found the utility of Hompath and it has been extremely useful. I must thank the team of Hompath for their dedication in the operative field of the science of Homeopathy.

Dr. Vishpala Parthsarathi
Editor National Journal of Homoeopathy India
I am Dr. Vishpala Parthsarathi, I am the editor of National journal of Homoeopathy. I have been using the Hompath for long time, it is India’s No 1 and now it works at the finger tips, very fast, with the new version. Kudos to Hompath.

Dr. Abhay Talwalkar
Homoeopathic Healing center Pune. India
I have been practicing Homoeopathy for about last 15years … & using Homoeopathic software Hompath and have wonderful experience. One case I remember a lady with wild with pain, rolling around, in labour. Within few minutes of searching through the repertory with the help of Hompath, I could prescribe Belladonna……… which worked very well for her …………… and this experience gave me lot of confidence, trying to use these remedies during labour.

Veralucia Santos
The program is excellent. You can repertorize your client with a range of information in order to respect the individuality of each and suggest the homeopathic remedy more agree. It can also improve knowledge with several philosophers and their definitions according to their thoughts. The therapist also has the opportunity to read about homeopathic medicine. The program allows you to have more security to repertorize and use it indefinitely.

Sue Gelber
I made the trip to bring Tellurium 30c, from Zomeo research and your authorship about its use in sciatica. I love Hompath friends and softwares and can’t help but use all free moments to learn. Good News: A very influential homeopath who’s been practicing for 40 years has Firefly and appreciated the reminder to use it again (Peggy Chipkin).

Kavitha Kukunoor
Homeopathic practitioner from Michigan, USA
I have Mac Repertory/Reference works and Vital Quest on my desktop and I was looking for good homeopathic software on my mobile app.
When I saw the firefly prime tutorial by Dr. Jawahar Shah, I was quite impressed as it matched with my thought process. It is a perfect app that I was looking for, and is also at a very reasonable price.
I purchased it right away as the best Christmas gift for myself. This app is good for Homeopaths who are busy and need accurate results right away without opening their computers. It is user-friendly and easy to operate and helps to arrive at remedy & potency selection in a short time. I like the best clinical tips, search, filter option, and the play button, etc. I am very happy and would highly recommend Firefly Prime to all the homeopaths. It will definitely make the practitioner's life easy, happy, and will enhance their professional growth. Thank you so much, Dr. Jawahar Shah and the team for all the hard work & effort in developing this wonderful mobile app. I'm very grateful to Dr. Jawahar Shah's work, his kindness, helping nature, intense knowledge and thirst to benefit homeopaths around the globe through this app.

Dr. Kishore Mehta
Winner of Best Teacher, B.K. Bose award, Guide for M.D.
...Total Homoeopathic literature at the tip of my tongue... no…finger tips. HOMPATH is a milestone in Homoeopathic education. It is a great pleasure to learn and teach this program...

Dr. Prafull Vijayakar
M.D. – International Teacher & founder of Predictive Homoeopathy India
...HOMPATH Software is the best help for Classical Homoeopaths who follow Hahnemann and the Organon....

Dr. S.P.S. Bakshi
President, CCH
...HOMPATH M.D. is the only software which is based on syllabus recommended by CCH... It is the most complete one..

Dr. Ramjee Singh
Vice -President, CCH India
...New Version of HOMPATH is the best! I have installed one in my clinic and another in my college...

Prof. Dr. L.K. Nanda
Prof. & H.O.D, Materia Medica, Dr. A.C.H.M College & Hospital India
...Creating Materia Medica, creating group symptoms, confirming a prescription from original symptoms described by patients is most easy with HOMPATH M.D....

Dr. Sujit Chatterjee
Classical Homoeopath India
...I could avail the use of Complete Repertory Mind and Generals very satisfactorily through HOMPATH M.D. It is very convenient and economical for young homoeopaths...

Prof. Dr. Niranjan Mohanty
Prof. & H.O.D, Dept. Of Repertory, Dir. A.C.H.M. College & Hospital India
...HOMPATH M.D. is the best software. It is so easy to learn and operate. Anybody can learn operations within 3 hours of time...

Dr. Daksha Vaishnav
Asst. Professor In-charge, Head of Dept. of Gynaecology & Obstetrics India
...In my practice, I have to often deal with Gynaecology & Obstetrics emergencies and I need to make accurate prescriptions. The various strategies available at my finger tips when I use HOMPATH make my job easier...

Dr. N.O. Goel
Professor & Head of Dept., Materia Medica India
...I found HOMPATH M.D. very handy and useful for Homeopaths like me who never used Repertory earlier...

Dr. K.H. Matani
L.C.E.H., B.Sc., B.H.M.S., M.D., Prof. and HOD of Repertory at 2 Institutions India
...HOMPATH is found to be very easy even by my students. It increases our knowledge of Materia Medica. Even those who do not like to refer to different Materia Medicae, can do so and that too only in few seconds...

Dr. Medha Durge
L.C.E.H., B.Sc., B.H.M.S. Consulting Homoeopath India
...Having HOMPATH means a more confident practice. Their commitment to Homoeopathy is unmatched...

Dr. Kamlesh Mehta
Teacher of Repertory India
...One main feature in these software people is their consistency in ‘service after sale’. I am sure that ever developing HOMPATH is going to be a ‘must’ for everyone involved with Homoeopathy ...

Dr. Nimish Mehta
Asst. Professor, Organon Dept India
...Quickest Reference source on my desk which allows me to look up for any reference or MM. User friendliness is such that your link of thoughts on the case is not disturbed. Some really odd looking totalities and finding new drugs for my cases with excellent results...

Dr. Pravin M. Shah
Contemporary Homoeopath India
...* Pandora’s Box * Time saver * A Bliss to the practitioner…

Dr. Parizad Damania
Asst. Professor, Head of Department, Pharmacy India
...It is indeed very helpful during teaching of Drugs Pharmacological action and refers multiple books, Journals for students for preparation of thesis in Pharmacy....

Dr. Manoj Patel
Co-ordinator Rural Services, Dr. MLD Trust India
...Hompath M.D. is user-friendly, cost-effective and an efficient program. It is versatile and it provides complete references...

Dr. Yogesh Vasandi
Consulting Homoeopath India
...The more I use this software the more I feel that I should have used it earlier. Hompath M.D. is really worth it. There is so much more that one can do with this Hi-tech tool available to a Homoeopath....

Dr. Martyn Harper
Australian Vice President, A.H.M.L, Registered Homoeopath Australia
...Hompath is definitely the computer repertory program to consider. It is easier to use than any other program that I know. Its combination of literative Materia Medica and repertory combined with its ease of use make it a must for any serious doctor...

Dr. Biswajit Basu
B.H.M.S(Hons) [C.U]; M.D.(Hom) India
...To me HOMPATH software is a mobile, live, well-equipped Homoeopathic Library in all respect. This is most user-friendly and interactive for Students (UG & PG), beginners, Professionals, Scholars, even Teachers for quick Repertorisation as well as to compare remedies from Materia Medica.

Dr. Priti Shah
B.H.M.S. (Bombay), Ahmedabad India
...'I find it a very innovative, interesting and user friendly software, with large number of reference books available at the right price for students and practitioner alike. I think the key area of the software is its repertory which is very easy to use and has multiple user options to be able to reach the correct Similimum. Repertorisation was never so simple as it is with this software. My all the best wishes that more people take advantage of this latest technology to achieve better and accurate results in Homoeopathy.’

Dr. K.N. Kasad
Director, HERI, P. G. Guide for PG Homoeopathic Institute, Palgarh India
...A very useful tool for ‘Quick Repertorisation’ & ‘Quick Prescription’. Helps easy differentiation of remedies of case with help of filters. Global search is an excellent way to find symptoms from various sources. MM is well elicited & helpful...q

Dr. Bhaktipad Adhikari
...HOMPATH is very essential to the Physicians, Teachers, Students and Medical Officers. We are using ‘HOMPATH’ Satisfactorily....

Dr. Sunil Anand
I use Hompath M.D. and recommend it to all Homoeopathic practitioners. It is an important tool to analyze cases on basis of Periodic table, Families and Classes. Hompath M.D. is truly value for money.

Dr. S. Praveen Kumar
M.D. (Hom.), PG guide, JSPS Homoeo Medical College, Hyderabad India
...HOMPATH is very useful for my preparation for the PG classes as many books can be referred easily and within less time. It also helps me in collecting lot of information while preparing my presentations for conferences or seminars. In critical cases, I always take the help of HOMPATH to select the right remedy....

Dr. Suresh Dawda
D.H.M.S. (Kolkata)
I have been using other software's but when I came across the HOMPATH WILDFIRE version,I was amazed by its information and utility. The Quick Repertorisation and Quick Case Record that is in HOMPATH is very nice.
It not only saves time but also gives accurate result in just few clicks. Their dedicated efforts have helped me in my practice a lot.
Some of the best Functions of HOMPATH are:-
  • Quick Case Record.
  • Quick Repertorization.
  • Patient Management System.
  • Key Notes Comparision.

Dr. S.N.Katkar

I want to just say ,Thanks!, for introducing me to the latest version of HOMPATH software. It was your recommendation and convincing demo and visits thereafter, which made me to use wildfire+Vijaykar+Tempraz,software for my betterment.

   As you promised me, I really feel encouraged to practise homoeopathy with new vigor and more improved results and cures.

   I would say ,once again,Hats' off , for your proffessional approach  and dedication.

   I am really enjoying the WILDFIRE!!!

World's largest Homeopathy portal evaluates Hompath software
Repertorization : Excellent... Very Powerful, Feature Rich and Easy to Use
Amount of Information: Very Good
Quality of Information:Very Good
Design Ease of Use:Probably the BEST !
Navigation: Excellent
Additional Utilities: Very Good...The best package !
Documentation: Excellent... Again among the BEST !
Value for Money: Excellent... Hands Down Winner !
End User Support: Very Good.
For more details visit: www.hpathy.com

Dr. Robert Zawislak
President of the Poland Association of Homeopathic Physicians in Kraków
...Studying this software is like developing ones skill in homoeopathy. HOMPATH Software has its own sophisticated taste, vast database, quick search, many strategies of analyzing. So it makes a good tool for a busy practitioner like me...

Dr. Sanjay Sehgal - Dr. Yogesh Sehgal
...HOMPATH Software is the most advanced tool & user friendly software for Classical Homeopaths to find Similimum quickly....

Dr. Parinaz Humranwala
Classical Homoeopath India
...An excellent tool in the hands of the modern day practitioner permitting him to pursue classical homoeopathy without making any additional demand on his professional time…

Dr. D. P. Rastogi
Senior teacher and Chairman, Post Graduate Committee, CCH India
...Dr. Shah is a giant of computerization in Homoeopathy, I recommend this software to every PG student and teacher. It is an absolutely must for any good homoeopathic doctor...

Dr. K.P. Muzumdar
Ex Director NIH Chairman, Homoeopathic Pharmacopia Comm. India
...I find HOMPATH Software very interesting and useful. There are many useful features... Rubric hunting is simple and quick. I wish this product is received well with all practitioners in India and abroad...

Dr. Anil Bhatia
Ex- Advisor Govt. of India, Member CCH
...HOMPATH Software is excellent software for consultants, research worker... And students… it is software comparable to the best in the world…

Dr. Praful Barvalia
Classical Homoeopath
...This software proved quite versatile and allowed us to have extensive cross references. Quick utilization of Complete Repertory, Boenninghausen, Clarke, References on Materia Medica sections further facilitated differentiation...

Dr. Vijay Vaishnav
Asst. Professor, Department of Materia Medica
... HOMPATH Software has helped me enhance my presentations and have convincingly proved my point while speaking at seminars. As a practitioner, a teacher and a speaker, I have found Hompath to complement my knowledge of Homeopathy...

Dr. Ashley H.A. Ross
M.Tech.(Hom.)(TN) B.Mus. cum laude(UCT)
...I have been using HOMPATH software both as an aid to teaching & as my preferred practice software. It is very user-friendly, consistent & flexible. I'm amazed at the availability of information & the ease with which I am able to move from one aspect to another...

Homoeopathic Links
An International Journal For Classical Homoeopathy
...Hompath is the Rolls Royce of the suite of repertory programs…
Homoeopathic Links - An International Journal For Classical Homoeopathy

Dr. Jugal Kishore
World famous teacher & Contemporary Homoeopath India
...I was the first Homoeopath to buy HOMPATH and I have seen its progress from 1st to 8th version. It is the most intelligent and innovative software… HOMPATH software is the best…

Peter Rangelov
Homeopathic Practitioner, Classical Teacher Germany
...I am truly happy that I have gone for HOMPATH program. As a user with great seniority in other softwares, I can say, that HOMPATH is the most useful software. You are about 3 steps ahead of any other software...