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Watch Zomeo training videos. Real homeopathy cases solved using best features and vast books & repertories of Zomeo.

Training Video of Zomeo Software

Zomeo is a best software to record, analyze & prescribe in your homeopathy practice.

Quickly find symptoms in Zomeo

INTELLIGENT and ACCURATE symptom search to improve your prescription time.

Repertorization sheet in Zomeo

Use filters, analyze the repertorization sheet & prescribe a remedy to your patient.

Confirm Remedy & Prescribe in Zomeo

Got stuck with the remedy to prescribe? Remedy confirmation feature helps you!

Homeopathy Reference books in Zomeo

Reference books in Zomeo helps you to read homeopathy books & search symptoms.

Case of Learning Disorder

Case of a 10-year-old male child with dyslexia solved using Zomeo Homeopathy Software

Case of Lumbar Spondylosis

How to approach a lumbar spondylosis case using Zomeo Homeopathy Software?

Case of Alzheimer with OCD

Efficacy of Homeopathy in Alzheimer’s Disease. Explainatioon of rubric conversion.

Case of Psoriasis

Case solutin of a young male with Psoriasis Zomeo Homeopathy Software.

Case of Polycystic Ovarian Disorder(PCOD)

Case of PCOD where it is difficult to extract the mental picture of a patient.

Case of Ganglion Wrist

Narration of case with respect to chief complaints, associated complaint, life space.

Palladium - A Comprehensive Study

Case of Palladium in a 32-year-old woman with multiple fibroids in the uterus.

Case of Acute Fever

Learn to inspect the three stages of fever - chill, heat, sweat using Zomeo.

Case of Headache

Understand the exact meaning, synonyms for rubrics using Zomeo Software

Case of Primary Dysmenorrhoea

Find characteristic concomitant & modality to form a totality using Zomeo Software

Case of Disappointed Love

Understand homeopathy case-taking using Zomeo Homeopathy Software.

Understand Seigal Expert System

Dr. Yogesh Sehgal elaborately explains the Seigal Expert System of Zomeo

Case of Anemia

Get the confidence to handle cases of anemia with the help of Zomeo Software.

Case of Acne

Understand right similimum, Diet and Regimen & Do's & Don'ts for Acne.

Insight into Ophidia Group

Snake venom & their actions to symptoms of the Ophidia group using Zomeo Software.

Paris Quadrifolia

Doctrine of signature of the remedy Paris Quadrifolia with the help of Zomeo Software

Understanding Cough

Understand the importance of types of cough, causes, co-relation of symptoms to the diagnosis.

Spider Group Remedy

Understand the core of the Spider Remedies using Zomeo Homeopathy Software.

Case of Hypothyroidism

Hypothyroidism: approach to solve the case using Zomeo Homeopathy Software

Ambra Grisea: an animal remedy

Get the best of the knowledge about Ambra Grisea remedy in Zomeo Software.

Case of Migraine

Enhance your confidence in handling the cases of Migraine using Zomeo Softaware.

Understanding of Hepar Sulph

Understand the core of the Hepar Sulph & be confident to handle the cases.