Materia Medica Live Mobile App : Interactive Way of Learning Materia Medica Remedies

Materia Medica Live Mobile App is World's 1st multi-media presentation app for Homoeopathy Remedies to learn homeopathic materia medica. It is a novel way of understanding each homeopathic remedy, wherein the user feels the remedy coming alive in front of him/her! This makes the visualisation of a similimum easier when the patient is in front of you! The Mobile app has Organized Evolutionary Charts of 22 Remedies in the form of videos for easy and quick understanding of homeopathic remedies.

Materia Medica Live Mobile App: World’s First Multimedia Mobile App

constitutional remedies

More Freedom, More Knowledge – It’s All Here.

MM Live Mobile App helps you stay in touch with Materia Medica while on go. Forget carrying heavy books for study, a simple mobile app with you wherever you are.

Visualize the Similimum Easier

Seek diverse approaches to homeopathy materia medica. Perceive a case more easily and understands deeper aspects of deep-acting constitutional remedies.

22 remedy pictures

22 remedy pictures

Visualize the Similimum Easier

Seek diverse approaches to homeopathy materia medica. Perceive a case more easily and understands deeper aspects of deep-acting constitutional remedies.

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Pictures Speak Louder Than 1000s of Words

Materia Medica Live Mobile App gives you untethered access to your practice by eye appealing presentations of 22 remedy pictures to memorize in an easy and interactive manner.

Expand Your Understanding & Perception of Remedies

Experience how a single seamless mobile app helps you drive efficiency in learning, practicing and research. Designed to capture each PQRS to improve understanding of homeopathic remedies

Essence of Remedies
Essence of Remedies

Expand Your Understanding & Perception of Remedies

Faster and Evidence-based information at finger tips. Homeopathic Clinical Tips Mobile App is built on physician’s observation, interpretation and experiences in various clinical conditions.

Materia Medica Live Mobile App has organized charts on evolution and characteristics of following 22 materia medica remedies.

1 Agaricus
2 Platina
3 China Officinalis
4 Tarentula Cubensis
5 Gratiola Officinalis
6 Niccolum
7 Vanadium
8 Cannabis Sativa
9 Palladium
10  Germanium
11  Stramonium
12  Tellurium
13  Opium
14  Cannabis Indica
15  Selenium
16  Elaterium
17  Tarentula Hispanica
18  Moschus
19  Veratrum Album
20  Oenanthe Crocata
21  Medorrhinum
22  Manganum

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Beautiful illustrations to choose from 22 remedies and they make your memorizing materia medica easier and highlighting important symptoms of polychrests

Helps in Correct Prescription

Arriving at the homeopathic medicine becomes much simple when you have understood it by practical learning. Seeing and hearing the characteristics of the remedy make it easier to determine the prescription

Enhances Knowledge

Materia Medica Live Mobile App challenges you to broaden your perception of the remedies you know and prepare yourself to reach the next level in your practice like never before

Think Out of the Box

Break the paradigms of your knowledge of Materia Medica. Learn the dispositions, mental make-up and attributes of remedies you never thought of as having constitutional powers

Core Essence of Remedies

Reading various books on Materia Medica can be overwhelming and sometimes confusing. Materia Medica Live helps to conjure a wholesome image of the remedy for better retention and recollection

Learn On The Go!

Observe the evolutionary journey of the homeopathic remedies through attractive videos. Seamlessly navigate through our friendly interface and design. Learn Materia Medica from any place and at any time

360-Degree Perspective

Absorb all aspects of the homeopathic remedy in an organized flow of thought and action instead of as seemingly disconnected symptoms. Understand characteristics of the remedy and etch the personality picture permanently in your mind

Deeper Understanding

Materia Medica Live Mobile App opens up a vista of learning potential for you. Go beyond the conventions of textual language and visualize, hear and feel the homeopathic remedy as if it is a person you know


Charts depicting the evolution of a remedy. A Unique Approach to Learn Practical Materia Medica- Let the Remedy Come Alive in Front of Your Eyes!

Understand Each Remedy. See it Live.

What People Say About the Homeopathy Mobile Software

Jeremy Sherr
Homeopathy for Health in Africa(HHA)

"Hompath software is great because it is really easy to use. I can actually repertorise, in ten minutes, putting symptoms together and looking up the materia medica. I recommend this to every homeopath."

Veralucia Santos
International teacher & Author

"The program is excellent. You can repertorize your client with a range of information in order to respect the individuality of each and suggest the homeopathic remedy more agree. It can also improve knowledge with several philosophers and their definitions according to their thoughts."

System Requirements

Your device should have following basic system configurations to run Materia Medica Live Mobile App .

System configurations for Android devices
  • OS: Android 6.0 or above
System configurations for iOS devices
  • OS: iOS 11 or above.

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