NEW! Release of Seigal Expert System by Mind Technologies and Sehgal brothers.

Mind Technologies, in association with Sehgal Doctors, brings to you yet another marvel – Seigal Expert System.
Years of experience and knowledge in one single module, straight from the masters’ treasure box – Dr. M. L. Sehgal, Dr. Sanjay Sehgal and Dr. Yogesh Sehgal!
Witness the glimpses of Seigal Expert System in presence of many stalwarts at Mumbai during a 7 day extensive training on Seigal system! You will get to learn the basics as well as advanced methodologies of Seigal system and apply this knowledge in the rest of your career as a proud homeopathic physician. Be there!
Interpreting mind is now a matter of few minutes, while the patient is narrating the history! A difficult task simplified…
This unique method, called ‘Seigal Expert System’ comes with following modules:
  1. Understanding of Man
  2. Understanding of Repertory
  3. ROH Books Library
  4. ROH Books Search
  5. Seigal Media Library
Understanding of Man:
Learn the art of deriving mental rubrics of the patient in a matter of few minutes. For example, if the patient says, ‘I don’t like to take allopathic medicines’, on further inquiring, we come to know that it is because he thinks it may spoil his body. Then, the software may suggest rubric/s for this presentation like ‘Fear injured being’ or ‘Fear poisoned being’ and so on.
Based on their vast clinical experience, Drs. Sehgal brothers have developed a methodology of performing this task.
Understanding of Repertory:
This gives you the opportunity to study the entire repertory & develop better and precise understanding of repertory with respect to each word mentioned in the mind section.
The software also provides vast reference data in form of the entire ROH Series books by Sehgal doctors, all at one place.
Seigal Library:
The software also provides vast reference data in form of the entire ROH Series books by Sehgal doctors, all at one place!
To know more about other exciting features inside, please contact us!
About Seigal Method:
Seigal Method is about practicing on the feelings of the patient.
The concept is that if a person is sick, he has a characteristic state of ‘present, persisting and predominating feeling’ connected to his sickness.
The outward manifestation of the feelings reflected at different levels, in different ways are converted to rubrics and the similimum is found.
Get revolutionized with Seigal Expert System, decode the mind with ease…