Book Review: “Children’s Types” by Douglas M. Borland, M.B.

Children’s Types by Dr. Douglas Borland, M.D., stands as a remarkable testament to his expertise in the field of homeopathy. This book expertly caters to the most common types of children encountered in clinical practice, providing invaluable insights for practitioners. Dr. Borland’s classification of children into five distinct types, along with the corresponding remedies, simplifies learning and application.

Dr. Borland’s expertise in homeopathy shines through as he presents a systematic approach to understanding and treating various pediatric cases.

First Group

  • The book begins by examining the common group where CALCAREA, CALCAREA PHOSPHORICA, and CALCAREA SILICATA are explored, followed by PHOSPHORUS and SILICEA.
  • Readers gain valuable insights into the outstanding characteristics of these remedies, which sets the stage for further exploration.

Second Group

  • BARYTA CARB takes the spotlight, and its relationship with BORAX and NATRUM MURIATICUM is carefully explored.
  • The possibilities of SEPIA and the gold salts, AURUM METALLICUM, and AURUM MURIATICUM, are also presented, providing a well-rounded understanding of treating children with “depression” indications.

Third Group

  • Here, GRAPHITES serves as a gateway to exploring CAPSICUM, PSORINUM, ANTIM CRUDUM, and PETROLEUM.
  • Particularly, the significance of addressing skin conditions and the inclusion of PETROLEUM in such cases is emphasized.

Fourth Group

  • It revolves around PULSATILLA, with KALI SULPHURICUM and THUJA being key considerations. SILICEA, FLUORICUM ACIDUM, BROMIUM, IODUM, and ABROTANUM are discussed in-depth, enriching the reader’s understanding of treating patients with similar mentalities and characteristics.

Fifth Group

  • This group involves the “nervy” drugs, with ARSENICUM ALBUM, STRAMONIUM, CHAMOMILLA, CINA, and MAGNESIA CARBONICA taking center stage.
  • The possibilities of IGNATIA and ZINCUM for nervous, restless types are also explored.
  • The book’s structure allows for a systematic and coherent grasp of each group, offering practical knowledge for homeopathic practitioners. Dr. Borland’s expertise is evident as he provides valuable insights into the relationships between various remedies within each group. The reader gains a deeper understanding of different pediatric cases, making “Children’s Types” a valuable addition to any homeopath’s library.

Overall, “Children’s Types” is a well-organized and informative resource that provides both novice and experienced homeopaths with essential tools for effectively treating children using the principles of homeopathy. Dr. Borland’s approach is methodical yet accessible, making this book a must-read for anyone seeking to enhance their clinical practice and better serve their young patients.

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