Use Hompath Vet for short ways to treat pets & animals

Hompath Vet

Homeopathy has extended its wonders from humans to even plants and animals. Agro-Homeopathy and Hompath Vet Homeopathy are now gaining popularity like never before. After a lot of awareness, and the society’s need for alternative medicine, individuals are now choosing Homeopathy for treating their pets and animals. Vet Homeopathy has…

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Managing Conduct Disorder with Homoeopathy


Conduct Disorder is a type of Behavioral and Emotional Disorder, seen in around 2–5% in children between 5–12 years and 5–9% in adolescents (between 13–18 years). Considered as most common disruptive behavior disorder in children it affects boys more frequently than girls. Conduct disorder can start in childhood itself or…

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Top 12 Mind Symptoms of Causticum that you need to Know

Mind Symptoms of Causticum

Causticum is a great Polychrest remedy of homeopathic materia medica. It is quite complicated to produce. Causticum is made from Slake Lime or calcium sulphate and potassium hydroxide. It is in the marble state and it is insoluble in water. This article highlights the few best Mind Symptoms of Causticum.…

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