Understanding the Keynotes of Cicuta Virosa

Cicuta is a remedy of the plant kingdom that belongs to the Umbelliferae family. Cicuta is known for symptoms of convulsions. Let us have a look at the keynotes and mental picture in this blog:


Violent convulsions followed by prolonged unconsciousness and utter prostration. Jerks, twitchings, sudden shocks, rigidity, spasms. Frightful facial contortions. Loud hiccoughs. Childish and retarded. Strabismus.

A/F:  Dentition, Worms, Concussions of brain and spine, Indigestion, During and after labour, From opium, Fall or blow, Suppressed eruptions, Puerperal period, Birth injuries, Suppressed menses, Mechanical injuries- splinter in flesh.


< Night, Touch, Noise, Jar, Concussions, Draughts, Tobacco smoke

> Warmth, Thinking of the complaints, Emission of flatus (Headache)


  1. Childlike Regression: The patient reverts to a childlike state, exhibiting childish behaviors such as singing, dancing, shouting, and weeping. They may even believe they are a child again and act accordingly.
  2. Naivety: Cicuta patients display a sense of naivety, often lacking awareness of potential dangers or risks in their surroundings.
  3. Retardation after Head Injury: Following a head injury, there may be a noticeable slowing down or retardation of mental processes.
  4. Aversion and Contempt for Men: There is a strong aversion to men, accompanied by feelings of contempt and disdain towards them. The patient may actively avoid their company and shun interactions with them.
  5. Avoidance of Company: Cicuta patients prefer solitude and may actively avoid the presence of others, especially strangers. They may feel overwhelmed or uncomfortable in social settings.
  6. Emotional Sensitivity: The patient is excessively affected by sad stories and horrible events, often experiencing profound sadness or distress. They may feel sad when witnessing others’ happiness.
  7. Confusion and Disorientation: Confusion is prevalent, with the patient sometimes mistaking the present for the past. They may feel disoriented, as if in a strange place, and struggle to recognize people or remember recent events.
  8. Manic Episodes: In manic states, the patient may exhibit uncontrollable laughter, dancing, and ridiculous gestures, resembling a state of euphoria or excitement.
  9. Loss of Recognition: Despite being able to answer questions coherently, the patient may not recognize familiar individuals or recall recent events.


  1. Convulsions: Cicuta patients may experience convulsions or sudden falls to the ground, followed by rolling about uncontrollably. And the patient’s mental symptoms are aggravated before convulsions.
  2. Suspicion and Mistrust: There is a pervasive sense of suspicion or mistrust towards others, especially in unfamiliar situations or with unfamiliar people.


  • Suited for women subjected to epileptic, choreic, convulsions, spasms; of teething children, or from worms.
  • During dentition, grinding of teeth, gums, compression of jaws, as in lock jaw.
  • Suffers VIOLENT SHOCKS through head, stomach, arms, legs, which causes jerking of parts, head hot. Electric-like shock sensation.
  • Convulsions: After injuries to the head, spine (Arn, Hyper, Nat-s), in pregnancy, eclampsia, meningitis, encephalitis.
  • PUERPERAL convulsion – frequent suspension of breathing for a few moments, as if dead; upper part of body most affected, CONTINUE AFTER DELIVERY.
  • < when touched, from noise or jar.
  • Grand mal and petit mal in the same person.
  • Multiple, one fit followed by the other (main remedy).
  • Shrieking before (Cupr, Op) convulsions.
  • Anxious before convulsions.
  • Starting in head, going downward.
  • Grimaces face.
  • Drawing head backwards. Arching the back.
  • VIOLENT with contortions of whole body and distortions of limbs. RIGIDITY – Spasms in muscles, so great that neither the curved limbs can be straightened nor the straight ones curved. Whole body becomes HARD like WOOD.
  • Biting tongue.
  • Vomiting (during or alternating).
  • With loss of consciousness.
  • Long post-ictal state (>30 min).
  • Placid between the convulsions.
  • EPILEPSY- with swelling of stomach, as from violent spasms of diaphragm, screaming, red or bluish face, lock jaw, loss of consciousness and distortion of limbs, frequently during night, recurring initially at short, then at long intervals.
  • SPASMS more DOWNWARDS, with terrific VIOLENCE followed by utter prostration.
  • Produces SPASMODIC AFFECTIONS- hiccough, trismus, tetanus, convulsion.
  • Craving- for chalk, clay, lime, indigestible things, coal or charcoal, child eats them with relish.


  1. Childish behaviour, dancing, laughing, gestures.
  2. Excessively VIOLENT convulsion with FRIGHTFUL DISTORTIONS.


  1. Craving for chalk or indigestible things, coal or charcoal.
  2. Bending of head and back backwards, OPISTHOTONOS.
  3. VIOLENT SHOCKS through the whole body.
  4. Pustules which run together, to form THICK YELLOW SCABS.
  5. Brain disease from suppressed eruptions.


  1. Convulsion with violent distortions of the body, sudden shocks all over, loss of consciousness, opisthotonos, and moving in a downward direction.
  2. Craving for strange things- coal.
  3. Rigidity of whole body- as hard as wood.


Cicuta is clinically indicated for the following conditions:

-Convulsions, Head injury, Mental retardation, Ophistotonus, Seizure disorder, Strabismus, Twitches, Spasms.

-During dentition or worms, if Cina fails.

-Concussions of the brain or spinal cord – chronic effects if Arnica fails.

-Nearly a specific in epidemic Cerebrospinal Meningitis- Dr. Lilienthal.

Here are some rubrics from the Complete Repertory










  • Anguish: Ailments From, Agg. Mental And Emotional Consequences Of:
  • Childish Behavior: Jumping Out of Bed:
  • Climb, Desire To: Walls: Convulsions, Before:
  • Company: Aversion To: Avoids The Sight Of People:
  • Company: Aversion To: Strangers, To:
  • Fear: People, Of, Anthropophobia:
  • Forgetfulness:
  • Horrible Things, Sad Stories Affect Profoundly, Agg.: Mental and Emotional Consequences:
  • Hysteria: Anguish, During:
  • Indignation: Ailments From, Agg.:
  • Injuries, Accidents, Ailments From:
  • Play: Desire To, Playful: Toys, With Childish:
  • Sadness: Stories, From Sad:
  • Shrieking, Screaming, Shouting: Convulsions: Before

The mental profile of Cicuta Virosa reveals a deep-seated emotional wound from past experiences, particularly involving male figures, leading the patient to regress into a childlike state. They exhibit extreme fear, suspicion, and contempt towards men, often withdrawing from social interactions and shutting out the world.

Horrible events and sad stories profoundly affect them, triggering violent and convulsive reactions. Cicuta patients may feel as if they are in a strange place, experiencing confusion and disorientation.

They exhibit a tendency towards automatic actions and may be deeply absorbed in their thoughts, experiencing absentmindedness or catalepsy. Despite their withdrawn nature, they may display moments of manic behavior, such as dancing or laughing.

Cicuta patients struggle with feelings of mistrust, resentment, and anxiety about the future, seeking escape from their inner turmoil through various coping mechanisms.

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