Sycotic Miasm – Understanding the Miasmatic Symptoms

Sycotic Miasm

Dr. Kent, in his lecture mentions about the drawback of prescribing based only on the totality of the symptoms without considering the underlying miasms. Sycosis is the most insidious, dangerous and the main theme is ‘excess’. The first symptoms after suppression usually appear in anaemia and inflammatory conditions of any…

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Psora – The Fundamental Miasm

Psora - Miasms

Chronic Miasms in Hahnemannian era The enormous question in the homeopathy world asked is what are chronic miasms, how to capture them in a particular case in our everyday practice and prescribing the remedy which will hit it. The basic miasm is the fundamental cause for the symptoms and signs…

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Importance of Concomitants in BBCR

Concomitants in BBCR

The most important aspect of a homeopathic case taking is getting to the core essence of the patient, individualizing his case and eliciting the most important peculiar characteristic symptoms of the patient. Peculiar, rare, queer & strange symptoms are all that homeopaths look for in an ideal case history. The…

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Zomeo feature – Physician: Way to Sophistication

Software has become an integral part of the homeopathic practice and most homeopaths including the established ones use homeopathic software for case taking, recording, analysing and repertorization. This digitization has made it very easy for physicians to solve cases, save time and add to the elegance in their practices. Ideal…

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