Meet the miasms live with Miasms App: A pivotal key to Homeopathy

Long before the electronic microscopes were discovered, and definitely even before the time when subjects like immunology, molecular biology, biochemistry and genetics were even touched upon, it was the great Dr. Samuel Hahnemann who worked at the grass root level and concluded the theory of chronic diseases. Based on his immense experiments, he inferred that there were some chronic diseases which were being treated only superficially.

And that is when, in 1828, he stated that diseases were “miasmatic” in nature, and discovered miasms as the base of all chronic maladies. This was the greatest discovery in history and the fundamental principle of homeopathy.

And yet, students today find studying miasms the most difficult. Either they are lost or confused or they are misguided in this myriad of miasms. Understanding miasms from the basics is the keystone to solving cases. Dr Hahnemann himself says that, “the physician skilled in anti-miasmatic prescribing digs deeper into the case and applies an agent that has a deeper and closer relationship with the perverted life force. The results are always better”.

Treating your patients require selecting the most similar remedy possible to the existing state of the person. And this is only achievable if the phenomenon of the acting miasms is understood. A true Similimum is always based on the acting miasm.

It is equally true that prescribing at the miasmatic level requires a great training and experience in order to assess the miasmatic picture and identify the remedy. Understanding the concept of miasms helps to explain the concept of health and disease and to organize our knowledge of the remedies.

And keeping this in mind, Hompath releases its new app, “Homeopathy Miasms-Complete & in-depth understanding of the miasms”. Hahnemann’s 12 years of experiments, investigations and finding proofs comes live on your mobile app. Miasm app depicts the evolution of Miasms in a lively and simple manner. The App has been created to help you etch the picture of each miasm in your memory like a movie relay.

The App covers the 4 Miasms viz. Psora, Sycosis, Tubercular and Syphilis in a pictorial way along with the related cases.

Homeopathy Miasms App  also includes interesting cases and practical examples by Dr Jawahar Shah which elevates your understanding of miasms a notch higher. Students can use this tool as means of information which theoretical as well as philosophical while the physicians can look up to it for a practical application.

Technology helps you even more to understand homeopathy, the fundamentals, and the concept of miasms in very easy and simplified way. So no more excuses, and don’t say practicing homeopathy is difficult. With the right intention, enough motivation and guided tools, understanding and homeopathy has become effortless.

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