Douglas M. Borland & Preview of book Children’s Types

Dr. Douglas Borland, M.D. was an eminent British Homeopath in the early 1900s. He studied with Kent in Chicago and brought Kentian Homeopathy to England. He has written several books and articles. One such book is Children’s types.

Children’s types book caters to the most common types of children we see clinically. Dr. Borland categorizes the children under 5 types and has grouped remedies according to these types. Learning and practicing becomes easy with such categories.

Let us take a look at one of the categories, the type 3, which caters to children with definite skin eruptions or skin diseases. Here are just some of the highlights of this chapter. This group is headed by Graphites. Many times, physicians get tempted to prescribe Sulphur in patients with an irritant skin, but much harm has been done with the same if not prescribed correctly.


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Graphites can be considered when the child is fat and heavy, usually pale, always chilly, nearly constipated. They are timid, miserable, and lack assurance. They are anxious and hesitant much like Calcarea; however, the distinguishing feature of Graphites is the harsh dry skin, which tends to crack as opposed to Calcarea which has a soft, sweat skin.

Other drugs that follow Graphites in this group are Capsicum, Psorinum, Antim Crud, and Petroleum. Of course, there can be many other homeopathic medicines for children with a definite history of skin troubles, and these are one of those very important remedies that help.


Capsicum children are fat, lazy, and clumsy. They tend to forget, lack attention and are touchy, get easily offended and irritated. They dislike being away from home, partly because they feel they are not appreciated. Psorinum children are rather thin, have very little stamina, easily exhausted by any physical or mental work. Antim Crud children are pale, overweight who are cross and irritable and get peevish if being looked at. They are sensitive, burst into tears from emotional stress. The skin eruptions are typically crusty and smelly. Petroleum children are thin despite having a good appetite. Skin eruptions are usually cracked, which ooze yellowish, watery fluid. They are quarrelsome and easily take offence.


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