Complete Repertory 2016, Repertory by Roger Zandvoort

Compiling the latest Complete Repertory involved a mammoth task of including an original materia medica and repertory, Carl Friedrich Trinks’ “Handbuch der homoöpatischen Arzneimittellehre” from 1847. This is similar to a primary Materia Medica but it also includes more remedy provings and toxicology symptoms.

Apart from Trinks’ opus, about 760 more articles largely from the Homoeopathic Recorder and some articles from the British Homoeopathic Journal have been read and remedies from these have been added into the Complete Repertory.

During a repertory workshop with George Vithoulkas in 2000 in Alonnisos, a promise was made that more cured cases information would be added into the existing repertory material. And so as a reaction to that promise, about 3000 sources have been consulted since then to update the repertory with more material.

Here is a comparison of the latest Complete Repertory 2016 to other repertories so far.

RepertoryKent ++ 2011CR 2012 CR 2014CR 2016Synthesis 9.1
Number of rubrics with remedies64 230185127187739190164202721139714
Number of remedies6242 488249825092 5192 373
Number of remedies that occur in at least 100 rubrics3621298133513451402unknown
Number of remedies that occur in at least 1000 rubrics157505521534563unknown
Number of remedy occurences50314522473112308011238471725734141066987
Grade 13388791561126161491915862191656300816612
Grade 2129362**83549**85524**103864**198798201295
Grade 33490441320741638349908751931248610
Grade 40189429191185195547199004470
Number of additions clinically verified (grade 2 + 3 + 4)164266686185693092798498917114250375
Clinically verified, % of total32,65%30,53%30,03%33,48%35,63%23,47%
Number of references and cross-references026332326684626837628265328744
Average number of remedies per rubric7,8312,1412,2912,5412,697,64
Compensated repertory modelYesYesYesYesYesNo

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Complete Repertory 2016

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