Hompath Firefly – CONIUM MACULATUM

CONIUM MACULATUM General Information: Common Name: Hemlock Latin Name: Conium Maculatum Family: Apiaceae Source: The whole plant is used to prepare the homeopathic remedy. Conium Maculatum: Overview and Picture: Conium Maculatum is a biennial flowering plant that belongs to the carrot family, Apiaceae. It is native to Europe and Western…

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Know the best Diet & Nutrition tips for Kidney Stones

Diet & Nutrition tips for Kidney Stones

Have you ever experienced kidney stone pain? If yes, then you know that it is one of the most excruciating pains. Renal stones are aggregates of crystals, proteins, and glycoprotein. Mostly it consists of calcium stones with oxalates, phosphates, etc. Let’s understand the causes, symptoms, role of homeopathy in treating…

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Hypertension & Hypercholesterolemia – Diet & Nutrition

Hypertension & Hypercholesterolemia

Definition: Lifestyle diseases are associated with the way a person lives his life. Culprits of lifestyle diseases: Less of physical activity Alcohol drinking Smoking Drug abuse Sugary foods and drinks Processed foods Types of Lifestyle diseases: Obesity Diabetes Type II Heart diseases High blood pressure High cholesterol levels Stroke Cancer…

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