Common Monsoon Diseases and their Homeopathic Treatment

The monsoon has started and we welcome the change in temperature. However, what we don’t know is that the rains not only bring on the much-needed water but also a whole host of health problems. The number of flies and mosquitoes suddenly seem to increase all around and in the house. In order to protect ourselves from these health hazards, we need to know what the dangers are and how they can be prevented.

Common-Monsoon Rubric

Common health problems in monsoon:

Cold and cough:  Sneezing, runny nose, headache, and sore throat are few of the common symptoms which can affect any age group during monsoon.

Typhoid: One of the epidemics during monsoon due to contaminated food and water with bacteria.  In typhoid fever, the most common symptom of this disease is prolonged fever, severe pain in the abdomen with diarrhea/ constipation and headache.

Malaria and Dengue: Malaria and Dengue are other common monsoon diseases due to mosquitoes. There is fever, bouts of shivering, headache, weakness, muscle pains, etc. in Dengue, there can be a characteristic skin rash.

Hepatitis A and E: Hepatitis is another common monsoon disease due to contaminated food and water which spread through feco-oral route.

Fungal infections: Most common during the monsoons because of constant dampness. The moisture present in the environment helps the fungi to grow and thrive, mostly in skin folds such as the groins or between the toe.

Gastroenteritis: Infection of GI tract due to bacteria or virus brings on vomiting, stomach ache, diarrhea or dysentery.  Monsoon also brings diseases like conjunctivitis, tonsillitis, earache, pneumonia, diarrhea, dysentery, vomiting.

Certain rubrics from repertory with monsoon ailments:

  • Complaints < before rainy weather: Phos
  • Rainy weather >: Caust
  • Rain weather <: Rhus t, Sulphur
  • Heavy rain: Dulc, Lemn-m
  • Fever after getting wet in rain: Rhus t, Nat- Sulph, Aran, Calc, Dulc, Fer
  • Pain < in wet weather: Med, Thuj (Neuralgic: Med, Tearing pain: Thuja)
  • Rheumatic pain in joints <: Meli, Rhod
  • Cough after getting wet.: Calc-s. DULC  Nux-m. nux-v. psor. Puls. rhus-t.
  • Cough after getting feet wet: Nux-m
  • Respiratory troubles from getting wet: Phos, Sepia
  • Asthma wet weather:  ant-t. ars. aur. DULC. Med. Nat-s. thuj. verat.
  • COPD:  ars. Dulc. Mang. Sil.
  • Hoarseness after getting wet: Rhus-t

Zomeo Murphy Fever


  • Fevers – VIRAL, infection, fever with (Murphy): acon. ars. Bapt. bell. bry. Carc. GELS. merc. nat-m. ph-ac. rhus-t.

Zomeo Murphy Clinical

  • DENGUE, fever(Murphy): Acon. apisaran. ars. arum-t. bapt.bell. Bry.canth. chin. coloc. EUP-PER. ferr. gels. ham. ip. merc. nux-v. podo. Rhus-t.rhus-v. sanic. sec. sul-ac
  • Fever, heat; dengue fever (complete repertory): EUP-PER GELS ACON BRY RHUS-T aran rhus-v arum-t sanic ham bapt podo sec sul-ac ip canth ferr coloc apis chin merc bell ars nux-v
  • Fever, heat; dengue fever; first stage: ip acon bry ars rhus-t
  • Fever, heat; dengue fever; hemorrhagic: ham sec sul-ac ferr chin ars


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