Homeopathy Medicines for Menopause

Menopause is a transition in the life of a female like adolescence.  It is a biological change. In many females, menopause just passes unnoticed while in many others there can be turmoil when going through the menopausal phase.

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Each person can have a different experience of menopause. It is quite individualistic. One can have more hot flushes for years while others can have a debilitating state with depression, mood swings, insomnia, and menstrual abnormality before menopause.  Other common symptoms of menopause are weight gain, breast changes, vaginal dryness, weakness of bones, frequent UTI, hair fall, etc.

Rubrics in Homeopathic Repertory

Complete: generalities; climacteric period agg

Complete: Mind; sadness, a climacteric period in

Complete: Perspiration; a climacteric period in

Complete: Generalities; Heat, flushes of, a climacteric period in

Zomeo Rubrics in Homeopathic Repertory

Complete: Blood; congestion of blood, a climacteric period in

Complete: Female genitalia; menses, profuse; the climacteric period before

Complete: Mind; Anxiety, a climacteric period in

Zomeo Rubrics in Homeopathic Repertory

Murphy: Mind; Anxiety, general: a menopausal period during

Murphy : Mind: CRYING, WEEPING: Menopausal, period, at

Murphy : Mind: INDIFFERENCE, APATHETIC: Menopausal, period, in

Homeopathic medicines for Menopause:

Lachesis: Hot flushes and perspiration. Burning at a vertex.

Sul-ac: Debility and neuralgias from menorrhagia at the time of climacteric. Hot flushes with profuse perspiration on the upper part of the body.

Cimic: Sadness during menopause.

Cact: Oppressive headache on top of the head during menopause.

Crot-h: Uterine haemorrhage at the menopause with faintness at the pit of the stomach with great prostration. Blood dark and offensive.

Few tips to manage menopause:

  • Keep moving- Regular exercise can help balance the hormones estrogens and progesterone which in turn helps to stabilize mood swings, hot flushes, and weight gain
  • Cut down on caffeine and alcohol intake
  • Opt for light cotton clothes.
  • Yoga and meditation for stabilizing mood and calm you down if you feel pangs of anxiety and mood swings
  • Vitamin D and calcium supplements are necessary to post 40 as the estrogen level reduces, the bone matrix also starts receding. And to cope up with postmenopausal demineralization supplementations are required
  • Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is what everyone must follow-Low fat diet, decreasing sugar intake, high fiber high protein diet. Reduce caffeine and alcohol consumption.
  • Keep your brain active with any learning, mentally challenging games or activities- this will enhance your mood as well as help you combat sleep disorders

Zomeo Homeopathic Software has information regarding Diet and Nutrition, Do’s and Don’ts for patients in various clinical conditions. Following is the Patient’s instructions during menopause, which you can print out and give it to your patients.

Menopause Zomeo - Homeopathy Software


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