Boericke Repertory: How to use it skillfully in clinical practice?


Boericke Repertory is the most widely used bedside clinical repertory in Homeopathic clinical practice. It contains clinical symptoms and conditions with a corresponding group of medicines. Boericke Repertory facilitates the selection of a remedy on the basis of pathological similarity, causation, modalities, and concomitants. Boericke repertory can be used for…

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Understanding Rubric with Zomeo Homeopathy Software

Understanding Rubric

Kids are a Homeopaths favorite patients and almost half of a Homeopaths practice ascribe to our little pediatric guests. They are simple and easier to understand as compared to adults, their body language is unguarded and uninhibited and even if they are sad, angry, or irritable they take less effort…

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Use Hompath Vet for short ways to treat pets & animals

Hompath Vet

Homeopathy has extended its wonders from humans to even plants and animals. Agro-Homeopathy and Hompath Vet Homeopathy are now gaining popularity like never before. After a lot of awareness, and the society’s need for alternative medicine, individuals are now choosing Homeopathy for treating their pets and animals. Vet Homeopathy has…

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