Everything you need to know about the remedy Rhododendron

Commonly known as Snow Rose, growing in Siberia, Rhododendron is a remedy that is primarily used for joint pains, and rheumatic and gouty diathesis. It belongs to the Ericaceae family, commonly referred to as the Heath or Heathery family, and is most frequently found in acidic and infertile growth environments.

Other Ericaceae family remedies such as Ledum Pal, Kalmia Latifolia, Gaultheria, etc. are commonly used for joint complaints.

Characteristic Mental Symptoms of the Ericaceae Family

  • These individuals are not particularly noticeable. They prefer to work in a calm, efficient manner rather than becoming the centre of attention.
  • They do want recognition and admiration, however. But they have a difficult time obtaining them and eventually develop hatred for it.
  • They put in a lot of effort and strive to do their assignment well. But they may grow more aversion to working, especially if they believe no one values their efforts.
  • They are extremely sensitive and considerate of other people’s needs. But, also more susceptible to noise.
  • For them, the family is incredibly essential. They frequently work for their families.
  • They are often gentle and delicate and not aggressive at all

Let’s understand the materia medica of Rhododendron.


  • Sensitive to windy or stormy, wet weather, even if he is in the house.
  • Pains are tearing, zigzag, boring, rapidly changing, descending, paralytic pains.
  • All symptoms reappear in rough weather, night (Mercurius).
  • Great weakness after slight exertion.
  • Usually RIGHT sided affections.
  • Eyes-Neuralgia involving orbit.
  • Eyeball and head red
  • Hot needles darting from within out.
  • Sensation of a worm in the ear.
  • Headache < wine, wind, cold and wet weather.
  • Violent, jerking pain, involving dental nerves from temple to lower jaw and chin > warmth, eating.
  • Toothache every spring and fall, during sharp east winds, worse from a change of weather, thunderstorm, windy weather < 2 to 3 hrs.
  • Musculoskeletal System-RHEUMATISM OF HOT WEATHER.
  • Feet cold even in warm room, even in bed.
  • Acute inflammatory swelling of joints. Gouty inflammation.
  • Fibrous deposit and arthritic nodosities
  • Rheumatic drawing tearing in limbs, especially in the right side. < at rest, in stormy weather > motion.
  • Sensation as of a weight hanging at feet.
  • Pain in HEEL.
  • Pain in Tendo Achilles on stepping.
  • Chronic rheumatism affecting the smaller joints and their ligaments
  • WANDERING arthritis.
  • Male- Induration and swelling of testicle after gonorrhoea or rheumatic exposure.
  • Orchitis, sensation in testes as if it were being CRUSHED.
  • Hydrocoele of boys from birth.
  • Drawing from spermatic cord into abdomen and thighs. Testis swollen, painful drawn up. Feels crushed.
  • Itchy, sweaty, wrinkled scrotum.
  • Diarrhoea < fruits. Pain from rectum to genital.
  • Chorea before storm.

Ailments from:

  • Storm
  • Catching cold or getting wet


  • Aggravations: Before storms, night, rough, windy weather, wine, cold damp weather, midsummer, cloudy weather, rest, change in atmosphere, eating fruit, catching a cold, getting wet, towards morning, right side, electric charges, touch
  • Ameliotations: After storms break, heat in sun, when the sun shines, motion at once, wrapping head, eating


  • Confused and stupid. Confusion in the morning and after coition.
  • Forgets what he is talking about; leaves out whole words while writing.
  • Fear of thunder in nervous person. Dread of STORM
  • Aversion to his business.
  • Starts and appears terrified in sleep but awakes cheerful.
  • Excessive indifference, with dread of all kinds of labour.


  1. Nervous persons who dread a storm and are particularly afraid of thunder < before storm especially an electrical storm > warmth, wrapping head < rest
  2. Cannot get sleep or remain asleep unless LEGS ARE CROSSED at the ankles.
  3. Orchitis, sensation in glands as if it were being crushed.


-Nervous person who dreads a storm and is particularly afraid of thunder < before storm especially an electrical storm > warmth and wrapping head.

-Affection of fibrous tissue, bone, and nerves.


  1. Sensitive to windy or stormy weather.
  2. Rheumatic drawing, tearing pain in all limbs < at rest > motion.

Clinically, Rhododendron is used for Hydrocoele in boys from birth, Arthritis, Bursitis, Epididymitis, Gout, Injury to tendons, Neuralgia, Orchitis, Rheumatism, & Toothache.

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