Understanding the Mentals of Triticum Vulgare

Triticum vulgare, or wheat, is the source material for this remedy. Specifically, it’s derived from the germ of the wheat plant.

In our modern cuisines, wheat has infiltrated most recipes and dishes, dominating our plates. Yet, amidst the allure of fluffy loaves and pasta, lies the hazards of excessive wheat consumption.

Refined wheat, stripped of its fiber and nutrients, causes rapid spikes in blood sugar levels, leading to energy crashes and cravings for more quick fixes.

A lot of patients today have been complaining about fatigue, general lethargy or tiredness, aching, etc. We also see patients facing allergy-like symptoms and yet they do not improve with our well-known remedies.

Judy Coldicott says, “My conclusion was that the patients had some sort of maintaining cause. I perceived this to be the modern “overloaded-with-processed-food” diet. In many cases, there was a specific sensitivity to wheat or dairy, but often just a combination of too much of both of these foods and others, which insidiously creeps into all processed items. Even when this diet was improved the symptoms might persist.  Sometimes, I saw patients who had already been diagnosed with celiac disease (wheat intolerance) who, even on a strict diet, were debilitated by a range of often severe symptoms.”

This created a need to discover the effects of wheat in the potentized form, and hence we get the remedy, Triticum Vulgare

Indications of Triticum vulgare include:

1. Digestive Disturbances: Triticum vulgare is often prescribed for individuals experiencing digestive issues such as bloating, flatulence, indigestion, and discomfort after eating. Clinically, it may be prescribed for celiac disease, gluten intolerance, or allergy.

2. Skin Conditions: Eczema or dermatitis, especially if exacerbated by the consumption of wheat, may find relief with Triticum vulgare.

3. Menstrual Symptoms: Increased menstrual pain, mood changes (PMS) worse than normal, exacerbated peri-menopausally. Diarrhea and bowel pain increased pre-menstrually and during menses. Vaginal itching (thrush). Increased vaginal discharge

While not much has been documented about the mind of Triticum Vulgare metals, Hompath Zomeo covers almost 600 mental rubrics, summing up the core of the remedy.

Using the Hompath Zomeo, let’s note down some of the critical rubrics.

·         Delusions, imaginations: misunderstood, he is: (Single remedy rubric)

·         Remorse, repentance: ailments from, agg (Single remedy rubric)

·         Anxiety: health, about: loved ones, of

·         Cares, worries, full of relatives, about

·         Communicative, expansive

·         Contented: oneself, with

·         Delusions, imaginations: appreciated, that she is not

·         Domination by others agg

·         Dwells: events, on past disagreeable: disappointment, after

·         Dwells: events, on past disagreeable: childhood, on his

·         Grimaces: strange faces, makes

·         Objective, reasonable

·         Occupation, diversion:amel

·         Order, desire for

·         Patience

·         Pertinacity

·         Philosophy: ability for

·         Philosophy: ability for reveries, inclination to philosophical

·         Positiveness

·         Refuses: help

·         Refuses: medicine, to take

·         Remorse, repentance: Quick

·         Sadness: dwells constantly over her condition, inclination to

·         Shrieking, screaming, shouting: anger, vexation agg

·         Thoughts:persistent: sexual

·         Thoughts: persistent: past, of the

·         Vivaciousness

·         Yielding disposition: complies with wishes of others

Triticum Vulgare is a modern-day medicine that can help treat symptoms that are failed by other well-chosen remedies.

·         This remedy is excellent for mothers who, while fulfilling their caregiving responsibilities toward their children, tend to neglect their own well-being.

·         These individuals often visit the clinic burdened with not only caring for their children but also shouldering the financial responsibilities (“bread”) for their family.

·         They feel overwhelmed and drained by the constant cycle of providing for their family’s basic needs such as food, housing expenses, and other necessities.

·         While they deeply care about their children’s health and enjoy their company, they tend to become easily irritated with them, particularly when faced with household chores, due to their exhaustion.

·         Triticum V can be as vivacious as Belladonna but is more philosophical (rather than Naïve like Bella). She complies easily with the wishes of others, not because she is naïve, but because she is yielding.

·         A lot of anxiety for the health of loved ones and relatives is seen in Cocculus, however, Cocculus goes to the point of exhaustion in taking care of their loved ones. Even Triticum has exhaustion, but it is more so due to the daily burdens of life.

·         Triticum V has feelings of being misunderstood and underappreciated and may feel dominated by others. There is remorse, repentance, and dwelling on past events.

·         Yet there is a certain amount of pertinence and positivity as she narrates her complaints in the clinic.

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