Understanding the Mentals of Natrum Sulphuricum through Repertory

The repertory is a structured and logically organized index of symptoms found in homeopathic materia medica. It is a valuable resource, drawing information from toxicology, drug proving, and clinical experience. Its primary function is to help locate specific symptoms and the corresponding medicines or groups of medicines.

Acting as a bridge between materia medica and disease, the repertory complements the materia medica rather than replacing it.

Repertory has allowed homeopaths to utilize the vast information in homeopathy literature. As no single materia medica is exhaustive, the repertory streamlines this process by compiling symptoms into rubrics, including information on symptom intensity.

Let’s today learn the mental symptoms of Nat Sulph using the remedy extract feature of Hompath Zomeo:

On the left-hand side, we will select the specific Mind Chapter from the Complete Repertory and first see all the rubrics of Nat- Sulph.

Let’s note down some very important rubrics from the 177 rubrics.

  • [Complete ] [Mind] Alternating States: Mental With Emotional:
  • [Complete ] [Mind] Psychological Themes: Aggression:
  • [Complete ] [Mind] Psychological Themes: Anxiety, Fear:
  • [Complete ] [Mind] Psychological Themes: Blame, Punishment:
  • [Complete ] [Mind] Psychological Themes: Compulsions, Responsibility: Decreased, Avoiding:
  • [Complete ] [Mind] Psychological Themes: Despair:
  • [Complete ] [Mind] Psychological Themes: Distance, Reservation:
  • [Complete ] [Mind] Psychological Themes: Feelings, Strong:
  • [Complete ] [Mind] Psychological Themes: Intimacy:Open:
  • [Complete ] [Mind] Psychological Themes: Loneliness:
  • [Complete ] [Mind] Psychological Themes: Sensitivity:
  • [Complete ] [Mind] Psychological Themes: Sexuality:
  • [Complete ] [Mind] Psychological Themes: Shame, Offense:
  • [Complete ] [Mind] Abdominal Complaints, With:
  • [Complete ] [Mind] Air:Open:Amel.:
  • [Complete ] [Mind] Anger:
  • [Complete ] [Mind] Anger:Ailments From, Agg.:
  • [Complete ] [Mind] Anguish:
  • [Complete ] [Mind] Anxiety:
  • [Complete ] [Mind] Anxiety:Abdominal Complaints, In:
  • [Complete ] [Mind] Anxiety:Pain, With:Abdomen, In:
  • [Complete ] [Mind] Anxiety:Stool:After:
  • [Complete ] [Mind] Cheerfulness:
  • [Complete ] [Mind] Cheerfulness:Stool, After:
  • [Complete ] [Mind] Confusion Of Mind:Injuries, After:Head, To:
  • [Complete ] [Mind] Confusion Of Mind:Stool:Amel.:
  • [Complete ] [Mind] Delusions, Imaginations: Unworthy To Live:
  • [Complete ] [Mind] Despair: Pain, With:
  • [Complete ] [Mind] Despair: Recovery, Of:
  • [Complete ] [Mind] Destructiveness:
  • [Complete ] [Mind] Dullness: Diabetes, In:
  • [Complete ] [Mind] Dullness: Vertigo: During:
  • [Complete ] [Mind] Embarrassment: Agg., Ailments From:
  • [Complete ] [Mind] Excitement, Excitable: Ailments From, Agg.:
  • [Complete ] [Mind] Excitement, Excitable: Ailments From, Agg.:Mental And Emotional Consequences Of:
  • [Complete ] [Mind] Fear: Night: Agg.: Noise, From:
  • [Complete ] [Mind] Fear: Diabetes, In:
  • [Complete ] [Mind] Fear: Noise, From:
  • [Complete ] [Mind] Fear: Alone, Being:
  • [Complete ] [Mind] Fear: Alone, Being: Injure Himself, And:
  • [Complete ] [Mind] Fear: Narrow Place, In, Claustrophobia:
  • [Complete ] [Mind] Fear: Narrow Place, In, Claustrophobia: Vaults, Churches And Cellars, Of:
  • [Complete ] [Mind] Fear: Stool: Escape, Should, With Flatus Or Urination:
  • [Complete ] [Mind] Fear: Suicide, Of:
  • [Complete ] [Mind] Fright, Fear Agg., Ailments From:
  • [Complete ] [Mind] Fright, Fear Agg., Ailments From: Mental And Emotional Consequences:
  • [Complete ] [Mind] Grief: Ailments From, Agg.:
  • [Complete ] [Mind] Holding Or Being Held, Desire For:Amel.:
  • [Complete ] [Mind] Impressionable, Susceptible:
  • [Complete ] [Mind] Injure: Herself, Himself, Feels Could:
  • [Complete ] [Mind] Injure: Satiety Of Life, Must Use Self-Control To Prevent Shooting Himself:
  • [Complete ] [Mind]Injuries, Accidents, Ailments From:
  • [Complete ] [Mind] Insanity, Madness:
  • [Complete ] [Mind] Insanity, Madness: Sad:
  • [Complete ] [Mind] Irritability: Morning:
  • [Complete ] [Mind] Kill, Desire To:
  • [Complete ] [Mind] Kill, Desire To: Sudden Impulse To:
  • [Complete ] [Mind] Kill, Desire To: Sudden Impulse To: Oneself:
  • [Complete ] [Mind] Loathing:
  • [Complete ] [Mind] Loathing: Life, Of:
  • [Complete ] [Mind] Loathing: Life, Of: Restrain Oneself, Must, To Prevent Injury:
  • [Complete ] [Mind] Mania, Madness:
  • [Complete ] [Mind] Mania, Madness: Alternating With: Sadness:
  • [Complete ] [Mind] Mania, Madness: Periodic:
  • [Complete ] [Mind] Mania, Madness: Periodic: Sadness, With:

Let us have a look at some single remedy rubrics that define Nat Sulph

Natrum Sulphuricum (Nat-s) is a mineral remedy associated with the sycotic miasm, characterized by a profound sense of being scorned, insulted, or unappreciated in relationships. Individuals requiring this remedy often make great efforts to gain appreciation and value from others, but may feel dominated, suppressed, or taken advantage of in return. Despite internal resentment, they remain dependent on the relationship, leading to feelings of unworthiness and resentment, which can manifest as irritability and anger. However, this irritability is short-lived and followed by guilt and remorse, alternating with indignation and hurt pride.

Nat-s feel that they stand alone in matters of love. They feel that they don’t know what love is, or that they are not allowed to experience it. They feel emotionally neglected.

They could have the feeling that they are not allowed to have a relationship and that they should restrain themselves.

A variation on the theme is that Nat-s people might feel bound to their partner through duty. This can extend itself to their children and the rest of the family. They feel very responsible for their family and their partner, which makes them feel restricted. They might feel that their partner always comes first and that they lose out. That can be a reason for them to avoid relationships, because a ‘personal sort of sacrifice may be expected of them’.

A lack of love can also lead to a lack of joy. They feel that the joy in life is diminishing and that they are not allowed to be joyful. This can gradually turn into depression. Nat-s is one of the most depressed remedies, certainly the most depressed of all the Natrums.

Depression can lead to thoughts or attempts of suicide. But even in this aspect, they are often prevented from doing it by their partner or family. They feel that they can’t put them through that pain. This conscience forbids them to deny their family his love.

Learning a remedy with Repertory is the easiest and most precise way to narrow down specific symptoms. After getting the rubrics confirming them with Materia Medica ensures a complete picture of the remedy.

Hompath Zomeo has an amazing feature, “Remedy Extract” where you can extract rubrics from any repertory on Hompath Zomeo and it also allows you to select specific chapters of which you need the rubrics. You can also confirm these remedies from the various materia medica books in the software.

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