Scholten’s Expert System on Hompath Zomeo

What has been a fundamental revolution in Homeopathic thinking? Evolving from the symptom-based approach to a more systematic approach! Each medicine that we just choose is not just an individual remedy but one that belongs to a particular group within a kingdom-plant, animal or mineral.

In the case of the Mineral Kingdom, the periodic table in itself is a work of classification. Its seven rows and 18 columns have been understood, seen and experienced as stages of human development. Our stalwarts have provided us with this understanding leads which help us select remedies with accuracy.

Jan Scholten is one of the leading homeopaths who has significantly influenced modern developments in Homeopathy in terms of the Elemental Kingdom. If we have a look at the Hompath Zomeo Software, we will see a unique module based on Jan Scholten’s Theory of Elements and Minerals.

“Expert Systems” is an Indigenous module found only on Hompath Zomeo which when clubbed and used while repertorization may help you come to a different approach, which might not have crossed your mind ever. In this blog, let us have a look at how Jan Scholten’s Expert System on Elements and Minerals function.

This module has 4 parts and will be explained in detail individually.

  1. Scholten’s Practical Analysis: Have a look at the image and you will see on the left hand side are a list of important words- some mental features that we see in a patient. From 1481 words, you can select the most suitable ones by just double clicking on it and then add to the list of keywords on the right-hand side.

And then when we “Analyze”, our analysis will look like this:

From here we get a general idea of our probable remedies.

  1. Scholten’s Materia Medica: In the second sub-module, you will get access to Scholten’s most renowned work on materia medica-his books on elements, minerals and Lanthanides

Here you can find a treasure of wealth that is most practical for your clinical knowledge.

  1. Element Details: This is another excellent tool, where all the stages of elements are categorized and each stage displays words related to its themes. For example, let us look at Stage 3.

The important themes of this stage are displayed from where you can select and record for your analysis. Moreover, you will also see on the right, the prominent list of remedies in this stage and you can directly access the materia medica of the remedies.

  1. Element Theory Reference: And finally, the periodic table for your reference. Each remedy, each row and column are clickable and you will see the themes related by just clicking on them.

Now, in the let us look at the Ferrum Series

Similarly, we can see the Stage 3

Hompath Zomeo Software is a well-engineered software which has everything a homeopath would want for his clinical knowledge and practice.

The Jan Scholten Repertory Of Elements translates Jan Scholten’s ideas into a repertory format. Built upon the foundation of the Periodic Table, it extends Scholten’s classifications of stages and series, offering a detailed exploration of corresponding remedies.

What distinguishes the Jan Scholten Repertory Of Elements?

Jan Scholten revolutionized homeopathic prescribing by introducing the Periodic Table as a framework. Drawing from his extensive clinical experiences, observations, and years of research, he conceptualized a Periodic Table of Elements. Here, he delineated the characteristics of each stage and series, along with the defining features of every element.

This pioneering approach expanded the horizons of homeopathic practice. With growing acceptance, Scholten crystallized this innovative concept into the Jan Scholten Repertory Of Elements.

Integrating the Jan Scholten Repertory Of Elements into Hompath Zomeo has proven to be a winning combination for homeopaths, greatly enhancing their ability to select remedies. By incorporating Scholten’s expert system, practitioners benefit from a structured and comprehensive database aligned with the Periodic Table. This integration simplifies remedy selection, improves accuracy in prescribing, and supports efficient practice, thereby empowering homeopaths to deliver more effective treatments to their patients.

Discover the transformative power of Hompath Zomeo with the Jan Scholten Repertory Of Elements. Elevate your homeopathic practice effortlessly—explore deeper insights and enhance patient care today! Download Now!

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