Sycotic Miasm – Understanding the Miasmatic Symptoms

Dr. Kent, in his lecture mentions about the drawback of prescribing based only on the totality of the symptoms without considering the underlying miasms. Sycosis is the most insidious, dangerous and the main theme is ‘excess’.

The first symptoms after suppression usually appear in anaemia and inflammatory conditions of any part of the body. There is over-growth of tissues causing warts, deposits in joints, thickening of skin and nails.

The basic trait of sycosis miasm is confused mentally and physically. This emits in his reactions:

  • Reacts after a long time with a pause between action and reaction
  • Reacts in a way which is harmful to himself
  • No reaction at all
  • Repression of emotions
Sycotic Miasm
Personality or temperament of sycotic miasm:

Secretive, jealous, anger, irritability, rage, hurt.

Anger and irritability is a very strong quality in sycotic children. Children are easily angered or irritated without any reason, but they find it very difficult to express these emotions. Instead, they keep on thinking about such incidences constantly, and build up hard feelings against all those who have hurt them or troubled them in any way.

Sensitivity and susceptibility of sycotic children are low to moderate. Person suffering from autoimmune disorders, psychosomatic disorders, migraine, bronchial asthma, obesity, etc. are all sycotic responses.

Phyllis Speight in his book – A Study Course in Homeopathy gives some chief indications of Sycotic miasm:

  • Headaches at vertex or frontal, < after midnight, > motion
  • Snuffles in children. Yellowing green catarrh from nose.
  • Musty or fishy taste in the mouth
  • Face is congested, blue. Warty eruptions. Hair of beard falls out
  • Fond of beer, rich foods, fat meats, and highly seasoned foods
  • Abdominal pains better by hard pressure and bending double.
  • Tearing in joints < rest, cold damp weather.
  • Pain in small joints with infiltration and deposits.

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Hahnemann’s chief anti-sycotic miasm remedy is Thuja. It is given to the patients who frequently say – Never well since vaccination.

To have better understanding of Sycotic miasm, watch the webinar on Unfolding the evolution of Miasm – Session 2 on Sycosis by Dr.Jawahar Shah. Dr. Shah is a renowned homeopathic physician practicing since more than 40 years. He has successfully treated more than 10,000 cases of various different conditions of all age groups.

He logistically explains Sycotic miasm right from birth to old age. The creative presentation makes it easy to understand the complex and mixed miasms in a person.

Topics explained in the webinar are:

  • Evolution of a Sycotic child from Psora to Tubercular
  • Appearance
  • Emotional pattern
  • Intellect
  • Scholastic performance of a child
  • Sickness pattern
  • Practical cases with predominant Sycotic miasm


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