The Anger & Suspiciousness of Drosera

What do you think when you hear about the homeopathic remedy – Drosera? The distressing nightly cough as soon as the patient lies down! But how often have you learned or prescribed Drosera on the basis of its mental symptoms? Let us talk about the remedy picture of Drosera.

Drosera can be best remembered with its doctrine of signature. It is a carnivorous plant, a plant behaving almost like an animal. Hence it is prescribed in violent insanity. The plant preys on insects, it deceives the insect by keeping calm and when it comes near, the plant traps it, chokes the insect and kills it. Similarly, we find the symptoms of being persecuted, deceived, trapped, choked and killed.

Dr. Margaret Tyler states that: Drosera rotundifolia, or Sundew has an evil reputation in regard to sheep fed on pastures where it abounds. They are said to acquire a very violent cough and to waste away. Sundew had also a reputation for the cure of madness; and in the homoeopathic provings we find, restlessness, suspicion, delusions of persecution, and inclination to suicide by drowning.

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Mind of Drosera


  • The person is full of mistrust. He thinks he is surrounded with false, spiteful and envious people who deceive him.
  • Easily angered; a trifle makes him beside himself
  • There is a lot of anxiety in drosera person. He can be silent and reserved during anxiety. His anxiety comes around 7 to 8 pm and feels as if he were impelled to jump into the water to take his own life by drowning.
  • He always wants someone’s company otherwise he gets anxious when alone.

Dr. Sankaran in his book – The Soul of Remedies describes the theme of Drosera as that of being stabbed in the back, of being deceived by one’s own friends and yet at the same time there is a great dependence on them.

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  • The classic red mark symptom of drosera is: Sensation of a feather in the larynx, exciting cough
  • There is a dry sensation in fauces with rough scraping
  • The paroxysms of cough follow each other so violently that he is scarcely able to get his breath.
  • Speaking possible only with great effort.
  • Cough at night, as soon as he lies down
  • Dry cough wakens him at 2 A.M.

Hahnemann in his Materia Medica Pura says: “One single dose of the 30th potency is sufficient to cure entirely epidemic whooping- cough. The cure takes place surely between seven and eight days. Never give a second dose immediately after the first; it would not only prevent the good effect of the former but would be injurious”.


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