Lycopodium & its Different Shades of Personality Traits

‘Lycopodium, in terms of frequency in the population of civilized nations it is second only to Natrum muriaticum. Because there are so many Lycopodiums, there is a wide spectrum of different personalities within the type.’ – Philip Bailey (Homeopathic Psychology).

Lycopodium Personality Traits

Lacking in Power

Lycopodium may seem to be confident but they have huge belief that they are lacking in power. They do not have faith in their capabilities, they have a lack of self-confidence. The root of this trait lies in their childhood.

They might have one dominating parent who criticizes him rather than praising him. He is always being compared to his elder sibling or others. This results in the shyness, timidity, and bashfulness in Lycopodium.

There are constant self-doubt and fear of failure.

Anxiety and Fears

Lycopodium is famous for anticipatory anxiety before an interview or exams or appearing on the state. This is all due to his fear of failure.

They have agoraphobia (fear of places and situations). This fear causes panic attacks. They shiver due to fear. If a Lycopodium is driving a car due to fear he won’t be able to get on the highway. The honking from other vehicles increases their panic. Hence they avoid going to new places because of the panic attack.

People Pleaser

Lycopodium will go out of his way to please his peers. They pretend to be extroverted and outgoing. This can go to such an extent that a Lycopodium becomes a sycophant because of the fear of punishment. He fears social rejection.

Despite being a people pleaser, Lycopodium is a great diplomat. Despite disliking someone, he will disguise it with flattery.

Inflated Ego

Keeping the timidity and lack of confidence aside, Lycopodium is also big egoistic. They look down on everyone. He is hungry for power and starts dominating people, hurting them. They are extremely competitive and manipulative.

At home, they are the dictator of the family and outside they put on the mask of charming.

When this inflated balloon of ego bursts, their fears come out. They fear of being alone, of nervous breakdown and fear of not reaching their destination.

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Lycopodium is only about timidity, egoistic and fearful. In the state of good health, they are among the intellects, perfectionist, and aristocrats. Famous people like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Muhammed Ali, Steffi Graf.

What happens to Lycopodium when the state of health begins to decline? Does he still remain intelligent? Is he able to handle his downfall?

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