Keynotes of Homeopathic Medicines for Cough

Which homeopathic remedies for cough do you think of? Aconite, Bryonia, Chamomilla, Cuprum, Drosera, Hepar, Sanguinaria! Isn’t it? Yes, these are predominant medicines for Cough. Let us learn something out of the box!

Keynote symptoms of homeopathic medicines for cough:

Homeopathic Medicines for Cough

  • Child grasps its throat every time it coughs.
  • Cough: dry and painful: short, dry hacking, excited by tickling in the larynx,
  • Expectoration absent; or bloody; thick, white mucus.
  • Cough worse after taking cold; drinking cold water;
  • Lying on the back partially relieves dry cough
  • Hacking, dry cough from the upper part of trachea.
  • Dry cough: with sticking pain under the sternum; as if coming from the stomach; with a crawling and tickling in pit of stomach.
  • Cough, with constant crawling, upward, in the throat followed by expectoration of mucus.
  • Cough compels the child to spring up in bed involuntary and immediately; or, to press hand on sternum.
  • Cough worse after eating or drinking
  • Hoarseness and rattling cough from mucus in the trachea, especially during winter.
  • Cough caused by irritation low down in the air passages, during the night.
  • Paroxysms of coughing about midnight, with which something seems to rise in throat as if she would suffocate.
  • Cough particularly at night with tough, slimy expectoration, tasting bitter.
  • Cough, with expectoration during day, without at night.
Cuprum met:
  • Cough : dry, suffocative, worse nights; evening dry, morning slight expectoration of phlegm, with dark blood of putrid taste and smell; uninterrupted, cannot speak a word, discharge of bloody mucus from the nose;
  • after sea wind; worse inhaling cold air; taking deep breath; laughing; after eating solid food; when bending backwards; better by drinking cold water;
  • With whooping, children get stiff, breathing ceases, spasmodic twitching, after a while consciousness returns, they vomit and recover, but slowly.
  • Whooping in periodically returning paroxysms in such frequent succussions that he can scarcely get his breath; with ringing sound; evening after lying down; at night; wakes at 2 A.M. ; with drawing in of the abdomen.
  • Cough aggravated; by warmth drinking; tobacco smoke; laughing; weeping; after lying down; after midnight or in the morning.
  • Expectoration yellow bitter or offensive also bloody or pus- like.
Hepar Sulph:
  • Croupish hoarse; dry; loose and choking with bloody expectoration; excites vomiting;
  • whooping croupish sound, pain in larynx, choking from mucus in larynx worse in morning.
  • Cough cause by; limb getting cold; eating or drinking anything cold anything cold; cold air; lying in bed ; talking crying drinking.
  • After cough sneezing; crying.
  • Wheezing, whistling cough; metallic sounding; stridulous breathing; croup.
  • Cough dry, caused by: tickling in throat-pit: ticking in stomach.
  • Dry cough, awakening him and not ceasing until he sits up in bed and passes flatus, upward and downward.
  • Whooping-cough, constricted, spasmodic action across throat beneath the jaws; cough worse at night, with diarrhoea.

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